NGK introduces a new era of global blockchain digital finance

According to “Q2 Dapp Market Report 2020” by, the number of Ethereum users have been doubled within three months, with a total of over 1 million. The application of DeFi has clearly promoted the user growth with a transaction volume of US$6.5 billion in June.

In addition, this has led to the upsurge of DEFI. The data shows that the asset scale of the DeFi market has reached US$ 7.43 billion so far. This is surprising as the Defi market in 2019 has not reached US$ 1.5 billion.


DeFi is still in the early development stage. The decline in a week ago caused a stir and made people realize that the stability, ease of use, security, and liquidity of Defi have yet to be improved. Hence, the newly born NGK.IO aims to become the world’s preferred blockchain and solve the shortcomings of DeFi.

NGK.IO is a blockchain with an open source bottom technology. It supports C/C++ DAPP programming which is a Turing-complete blockchain underlying operating platform. NGK integrates the smart contracts and the mature traditional financial governance systems to create innovative Defi applications. It aims to solve the “impossible triangle” between blockchain and Defi and create a new era of global blockchain digital finance.


NGK blockchain developed its own DeFi application. It allows the mining of digital assets without lock-up. On the other hand, when NGK is online, its built-in decentralized exchange can circulate the trading of NGK. At the same time, NGK draws on the mature management system of the traditional financial market and introduces price limit restrictions to prevent drastic fluctuations and protect the interests of small and medium investors.

NGK breaks all restrictions with no lock-up, no borrowing, and no trading. The lower threshold extends the user margin to all common investors.


NGK uses a decentralized data structure to achieve the decentralization of the entire chain of data. It is open, transparent, and immutable. Various data including node data, asset data, transaction data, synthetic and decomposition data, token issuance data, mining output data, etc. can be queried in real time through the browser of NGK blockchain.

NGK is currently researching the quantum encryption technology and deploying a new generation of blockchain encryption technology in the era of quantum computing power in advance. This is to ensure that the smart contracts are highly secured, and the users’ assets are safe. Thus, no third party has the ability to use the users’ assets except for the owner of the private key.

NGK blockchain