NGK.IO blockchain Creates Superior User Experience!

As we all know, efficiency and user experience are extremely demanding for blockchain applications, especially for blockchains. In terms of user experience, bitcoin is out of the block in ten minutes, and Ethereum is about fifteen seconds; the confirmation time for bitcoin is about one hour, while Ethereum is ten minutes. The EOS based on graphene architecture takes only seconds, especially in the fee-free transfer, which further attracts countless fans.

NGK.IO blockchain

The NGK opens up a new pattern in the future

The EOS, known as blockchain 3.0, once claimed to be “low-cost or even permanent free”, but due to the high threshold for the use of EOS resource models, the price of CPU resources is hot-fried, resulting in short-term congestion caused by airdrop, and its” threshold use limit” leads to higher use costs during the network congestion phase.

Silicon Valley blockchain technology

Highly-guaranteed background safety

DPOSS consensus mechanism of more advantageous

As a new generation of blockchain, NGK.IO is also based on graphene architecture, transfer speed is fast for only 3 seconds. But in order to improve the user experience and achieve real daily-level applications, the NGK.IO blockchain applies a DPOSS mechanism technically, through virtual machines, smart sandboxes, value exchange and bifurcation mechanisms in commercial application scenarios, thus creating an evolving, easy-to-use, low-cost, moderately customized blockchain network that optimizes block spacing, block capacity, consensus algorithms, in this way, the TPS has far exceeds that in the past.

NGK.IO blockchain, one chain one scenario, ten thousand chain for interconnection, thousands of ecology, create superior user experience!