NGK.IO empowers government affairs to be on-chained, helping to implement the entire of blockchain scenario

In recent years, with the widespread promotion of “Internet +” applications, the digital service capabilities of government departments have significantly improved. However, due to some security and privacy factors, there are still some errors in e-gov system. In particular, the government service group is large and covers a wide range, hence resulting in complexity of actual application scenarios. The blockchain has relative high requirements for system stability and data security, it is necessary to break through technology key points to improve the performance, efficiency, security and economic effects. Most importantly, application development on the chain must have a well understanding of application scenarios and focus on the key points of government services in order to meet the needs of the chain.


NGK.IO public chain breaks through technical difficulties and helps with government affairs field

NGK.IO public chain is benefited by its strong technical strength of the R&D team. It has made breakthroughs in the technical difficulties of public chain such as sharding, side chain, cross chain, and lightning network channel. NGK empowers the field of government affairs, and has implemented many of applications in the field of digital government affairs such as digital identity, electronic deposit, electronic bills, property rights registration, and industrial and commercial registration.

On-chain of government administration services will help digital government affairs to further improve in advanced and also ensure the safety of data circulation, thereby eliminating sharing concerns, and building a multi-party trust participation network and unlocking the potential of government affairs data. While providing convenience to people, the government affairs chain also shows its broad application prospects to the whole society.


In addition to the blockchain + government affairs field, the NGK.IO public chain also focuses on the empowerment of the physical industry, helping physical enterprises to explore and establish an effective token mechanism, to encourage each ecological node to participate in different application scenarios. The contribution of the node is rewarded accordingly. At the same time, it also launched a blockchain + supply chain financial industry solution to solve the current financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to improve corporate creditworthiness and promote with the construction of a credible industry ecology.

With its technical advantages, the NGK.IO public chain helped many entity companies in completion of chain reforms and carried out the establishment of blockchain and digital ecology. Under the new business model, the companies that were in distressed operations have given new vitality and their marketing performance has increased significantly.

The NGK.IO public chain will implement the development of APIs for community developers on the basic capabilities, service capabilities and application capabilities of the blockchain, in sequence to promote the implementation of the full application scenarios of the blockchain to the entire of industry. The goal of economic integration and development is to achieve economic improvement and social life transformation.

NGK.IO will continue to unleash its industry experience and their underlying technology ability to promote the establishment of a new decentralized and mutual-friendly beneficial node business model, to fully empower the physical transformation of blockchain enterprises, in getting achievement in digital economy with dividend sharing mode.

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