NGK is giving out money again! The booming SPC airdrop is coming!

New year, new beginning, and new wealth opportunity! In 2021, the NGK is giving out money and welfare again!

The gameplay of the crypto industry in 2021 is completely different. It does not rely on intelligence or operation, but “picking up”? For those users who missed the previous BGV airdrop, your chance is here, and this time, everyone can participate!

SPC airdrop

The NGK’s new airdrop is coming, and the NGK’s official sidechain token, SPC, is here!

I received the first round of BGV token rewards, and personally, I think it is effective! We all know that NGK intends to create high-priced token by increasing its popularity. The NGK’s official side chain token, SPC airdrop can be obtained at zero cost. This airdrop will definitely make the crypto market active again.

In 2020, the BGV rose from US$0.5 to the highest of US$ 888.88, a 1,700-fold of increase, hitting a new record high, creating popularity for the crypto industry, and making various speculation groups lively. However, most people do not obtain the BGV tokens. Don’t worry because if you run out of BGV tokens because we have the side chain token SPC airdrops!

SPC airdrop

This money-making method is almost zero cost, you can make money by simply waiting for the project party to give out money. It is like warmth during the cold winter.

In 2020, we have witnessed many phenomenal airdrop projects such as BGV. The users have earned at least thousand dollars, and some even earned millions of dollars.

So, the question is: How do I obtain the airdrop of side chain token SPC? According to NGK official news, this airdrop will still be weighted according to the order of the previous NGK computing power held. The BGV has smashed 50–60 million, so we guess SPC as a higher-end token, there should be more.

SPC airdrop

The revenue data is the estimated income. The price of computing power is relatively stable, but there will be certain price fluctuations based on factors such as production capacity, token prices, and market. The users can obtain different proportions of income by investing in different levels of computing power. The basic computing power income of NGK alone has a static income of 4–10%. After that, a generation of income can be obtained after purchasing the first-level computing power, and the list goes on.

The leader receives 800,000 units of USDN for computing power, and the computing power benefits is coming come soon. Grab this opportunity or wait? It depends on you!

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