NGK is here. Are you ready?

On June 4, 2020, a roadshow event hosted by the NGK American Community was kicked off in New York. This roadshow was the first stop of NGK’s worldwide roadshow. This roadshow was delivered by an American speaker, Viko and the discussion mainly focused on the market prospects, wealth opportunities, consensus mechanism and distributed storage of NGK.

With the continuous development of the Internet and the physical industry, today’s world is facing a trust crisis between the Internet and the physical industry. NGK adheres to the principle of decentralization and has the advantages of anonymity and immutability. After the commercialization, it can increase the trust in the industry.

NGK blockchain

NGK is built by the Spirit Stone, top US technical team, for about two years times. After numerous internal tests, it has finally become the most anticipated blockchain project in recent years. In order to expand the influence of the community, NGK will hold offline roadshows around the world, so that more people understand the NGK project, more people participate in the development and construction of NGK, and also enjoy the continuous iteration from NGK.

NGK blockchain

Viko introduced NGK blockchain and its future market prospects to the participants, as well as the DPOSS consensus mechanism and IPFS distributed storage system. The current emerging new technologies, new concepts, and new environments have provided a great development momentum and space for all walks of life. NGK has a clear understanding of customers’ immediate needs based on its years of intensive cultivation and accumulation in various technical fields. It relies on its advantageous channels and product technical strength to provide customers with products and solutions that fit the business development.

NGK took advantage of the trend and based on its own advantages by following the pace of the blockchain to become the “cornerstone” of the blockchain ecological construction. With a trillion-dollar market layout, its future development is anticipated. So, stay tuned.