NGK is launching DeFi and setting off a new upsurge in the post-DeFi era

The rise of liquidity mining has brought unprecedented prosperity to the DeFi industry. With the decline in mining revenue, people are less enthusiastic and more rational now. Thus, the DeFi liquidity mining has dropped. Nevertheless, NGK focuses on providing the decentralized finance for the traditional financial assets. It is about to launch DeFi and set off a new upsurge in the post-DeFi era.

What are the advantages of NGK blockchain as the leader of blockchain industry? Can it solve the pain points of the industry with its multiple technologies? What technological and business model innovations does NGK have?


01 Introduction to NGK Project

NGK is a general-purpose blockchain programming platform that uses C++ as its main programming language, and the WebAssembly JIT virtual machine as its underlying layer. It supports STL development library technology and adopts IPFS as a decentralized distributed blockchain operation to build a top distributed storage system.

NGK is completely decentralized and free of access, so that it has low threshold to allow the participation of all users. Besides, NGK also provides solutions for the traditional financial assets, as well as more diverse and complex trading strategies.


02 Born to solve transaction performance

Most DeFi projects on the market are released through ETH, which contain many shortcomings. For example, low transaction speed, high handling fee, low throughput, etc. Thus, it easily causes congestion. DeFi based on ETH has triggered many complaints and made the implementation to the ecosystem difficult. Thus, many companies are not optimistic with it.

Based on the shortcomings mentioned above, NGK blockchain has made innovations, continuous improvement and upgrading carried out by the Spirit Stone, the top technical team from Silicon Valley. Finally, the world’s first DeFi blockchain operated by DPOSS is created.

OSS, many users who are familiar with NGK are no strangers. It has block generation interval about 500 milliseconds, and its transaction volume per unit time can reach at least 5000 transactions. In addition, DPOSS also combines the shared governance of blockchain, the trust of the alliance chain, and the DAPP ecological service provider to empower the main chain ecosystem, making it more perfect.


The NGK project team runs DeFi through DPOSS, which allows DeFi to perfectly possess the above advantages and better promote the development of DeFi. Thus, the users can experience a faster transaction speed, higher throughput, and less delay when using this DeFi.

node power, the DAPP developers are more active in promoting the ecological development of DAPP. The DeFi based on DPOSS also equipped with this feature. It can better implement the ecological industry and create more self-values.

DeFi launched by NGK is the world’s first DeFi trading system run through DPOSS. Its decentralized features secure DeFi and makes it difficult to be hacked or tampered with. Due to the various advantages of DPOSS, a DeFi run by DPOSS can bring a better experience to the users, and greater convenience to the enterprises. Hence, it has better commercial value. I believe that in the future, DeFi launched by NGK will surely set off a new upsurge in the post-DeFi era and lead the development of blockchain industry!