NGK memory is on fire, is DeFi Baccarat worth the investment?

DeFi is a type of financial industry, and the development of the financial industry must be based on the development of high-quality assets. Without high-quality assets, DeFi is passive water.

The competitive advantage of Ethereum DeFi is that it has accumulated a lot of high-quality assets before, which is beyond the reach of other public chains. So how does NGK DeFi Baccarat break the game?

NGK Baccarat

1. Stablecoin: USDT Grows Sharply, USDN Moves Steadily

In a world of surging and tumbling encryption, the importance of stablecoin is not much to say.

USDN is the stablecoin in NGK.IO blockchain and a new stablecoin combining computing power. It is mainly used for the value exchange and value reserve of all contracts within public chain, and it also has a great effect in promoting the NGK common chain, and can also be used to purchase block producer to participate in the block producer mining mechanism.

In NGK.IO, there will be a lot of DAPP merchants or companies, in the payment of users worldwide and in the circulation of various industries, due to the different payment currencies, there will be a variety of problems, USDN is the media, can effectively solve these problems.

The USDN de-centralization model makes it more secure with its characteristics of immutable, fair and transparent. At the same time, it has very high stability in the intelligent contract algorithm, and there is no risk caused by the centralization mode.

NGK Baccarat

2. Graphene technology and cross-chain technology

Stablecoin is important, but it’s mostly used to avoid risk, and as an investor, it’s more than trying to earn excess income. NGK.IO has a leading cross-chain interaction mechanism, combining free high-performance public chains to provide a strong infrastructure for digital assets, promoting the application and development of the digital ecosystem. NGK also introduces graphene technology, and the transfer information and market behavior of participants will be recorded by blockchain. Blockchain is an open, transparent, auditable book where everyone can view the detailed data, the data of the disease verification transaction, the market and the buying and selling market. When graphene technology and blockchain are integrated, graphene itself becomes an ecosystem.

3. NGK Baccarat Liquidity Mine Pool

In addition to Stablecoin and cross-linked assets, there is also the much-watched DeFi section of NGK Baccarat, the decentralized financial exchange.

NGK Baccarat

The NGK Baccarat decentralized finance platform can bring three kinds of benefits, the first is to obtain the new currency BGV incentive through the mortgage mining, market makers mining, lending mining direction, is designed by the contract algorithm, according to the rules to distribute the new currency BGV to all miners; The second is that they can be market makers and receive a fee share, and the third is air drops, 10,000 BGVs are sent to existing members at their existing addresses, with the default active account preferred.

The DeFi project on the NGK.IO public chain has initially had its own set of loops, covering everything from assets to projects to tools. Now, the whole is still in a very early stage, believing that with the innovation and iteration capabilities of the project, the development of the future is limitless, the current NGK memory has doubled tens of thousands with the opening of the NGK Baccarat liquidity mine pool, and we believe that the future will bring greater surprises to investors!