NGK Multi-profit Application Promote Chain Business Civilization Reform

As one of the backbones in the new round of global technological change, blockchain and the value Internet it constructs are leading the innovation of new generation technology and model.

NGK blockchain develops its perfect blockchain industry layout and rich traditional industry, chamber of commerce resources, together to build blockchain technology industry technical specifications and standards, through which to carry out the promotion, promotion and application of blockchain technology, known as the concept of the whole society intelligent asset.

NGK blockchain

Mission and vision

Technology leads the world Innovation sparkles the future

Build the most solid and powerful infrastructure of digital commerce, provide a complete decentralized solution for the commercial digital society, popularize the application of blockchain technology in various industries, open up the field of blockchain finance, and lead the transformation of the new era

First, NGK blockchain is based on the Turing complete smart contract DAPP system, rich chain application of economic system, the DAPP benefits will be the basis of economic ecology.

NGK blockchain

Second, NGK is a decentralized advertising system (DAS:Decentralized AD System) built-in based on blockchain and smart contract implementation. As for the whole NGK ecology, the establishment of advertising ecology will enhance the commercial circulation value of NGK as money and promote the steady increment of all the NGK held by users. and it will be the most important and direct source of profit in the early stage of NGK economic ecology.

Third, based on the user’s high demand for security and privacy, NGK build the world’s largest distributed security storage system based on blockchain, and on this basis derive other value-added services, such as SIMS (Secure Immediate Messaging Service), which focuses on privacy security, and the chain P2P download service based on key authorization, which will become another rigid demand to promote the value of NGK circulation.

NGK blockchain

Forth, NGK introduces a new DPOSS algorithm system, which is the hot spot in the future industry, as well as the future income pillar of NGK economic ecology.

NGK.IO is a blockchain project initiated by Star Alliance Investment Corporation of the United States, aiming to break the financial gap, build a scientific, fair and transparent system of asset creation and redistribution by relying on decentralized bottom technology, and cooperate with the application group of cross-chain application ecological pool, making capital serve the collective interests, the assets that conform to the economic rules increase value in an orderly manner in fission, and the financial civilization develop deeply into the chain merchant civilization.



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