NGK officially launched another market program to give out 10,000 VAST willfully

The recent series of actions taken by the NGK official are indicating that: NGK2.0 is about to strike, sweeping the token market. Some time ago, the NGK official announced that the NGK blockchain has deployed the computing power field, created the NGK computing power ecological Starry Sky Project, and launched the SPC star token. At present, a total of 4 million SPC Star tokens have been airdropped, and many NGK computing power holders have received many benefits from this airdrop.

After the two rounds of airdrops, NGK solemnly launched VAST, the sub-coin of SPC. The total circulation of VAST is 100,000 units. There is no pre-mining and no private placement. Although VAST is a sub-coin of SPC, its value cannot be underestimated. Currently, 1 VAST token requires 10,000 Star value to be exchangeable, and the exchange ratio of star value to SPC is 1:1. In other words, 1 VAST token requires 10,000 SPC Star tokens to be exchanged.

SPC star token

However, despite its huge value space, the NGK official launched a newcomer assistance program, giving 10,000 VAST for free. The NGK’s newcomer assistance program aims to reward the newcomers to stimulate the market, promote more newcomers to join, and deepen the newcomers’ understanding of NGK. In addition, this program aims to promote advocates who joined NGK early, so that they can promote the newcomer market better and faster, increase the broad awareness of NGK, enhance the power of consensus, promote consensus development, and quickly help NGK become a mainstream cryptocurrency and consensus for global user.

From the announcement of NGK, we can see that all new users who register as a member and purchase computing power equivalent or more than 200USDN can get 0.2 VAST as a reward.

SPC star token

If you want to get VAST airdrop, you must create a new account after 4pm on February 8th. Each account is required to buy computing power from the official channel. Please note that this is not available for purchase through computing power market. You can get 0.2 VAST when you buy 21 computing power. The event time ends on March 8. I have to say this is an excellent opportunity to assist the ecological builders and seize the market. Use the newcomer assistance program to lay out your own positions and plan well. Even if you make up your account and get more rewards for your computing power, you can still obtain extra VAST tokens.

In fact, since the emergence of the NGK blockchain, considerable attention has been paid to the promotion of the ecological market. The emergence of VAST has played a core role in promoting the NGK ecology. Its scarcity and unique currency attributes determine its high value, and this high value will certainly attract more ecological builders. On the contrary, the influx of these ecological builders will also further expand the ecological scope of NGK, which is conducive to the development of the entire NGK market.



NGK blockchain

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