NGK Power Community Creates Three Community Models

When people talk about blockchain or digital currency, they usually mention about community’s importance to blockchain projects and even the entire blockchain industry has formed a basic industry consensus, most of projects trying to create a community with stimulation and vitality.

Why is blockchain and digital currency are closely linked to the community? The blockchain contains with financial attributes which can be cash-exchange. We can cash it out, or use it as a community incentive, or even treat it as a reward; secondly, it can be an equity for us to enjoy the growth, dividend or valuation as when we get it. You can also use it as an investment or stock trading with low rate in high income return. It can be used as a bond with bond certificate and it is raiseable as a super node lock, pledge, equity and so on. So, the first attribution of blockchain is to gather all financial attributes on token.

NGK blockchain

Next is to break down the traditional organizational structure in community. At the end of the day, a community will become as a decentralized organizational structure that allows everyone to be part of it regardless of race and standard. All autonomy working together with each other consciously to move the blockchain organization always in advanced.

In recently, NGK.IO Power Community is planning to create community with socialize able way, open discussion manner and technology mutual sharing in industry to empower NGK. Based on the current envisages, NGK will be setting up three community models which are check-in group, answering group, and core groups according to different entry requirements.

NGK blockchain

The minimum entrance threshold as if you are interested in NGK projects, you can join in check-in group to enjoy rewards, and secondly, if you have knowledge relatively with valid NGK wallet, you will be able to enter the NGK answer group. In this group, you can consult for project questions and there will be some occasional welfare activities. Next, you will be classified in core group if you fully grasp about the NGK project and are willing to participate in the ecological construction of NGK in public or the number of positions reached a certain requirement. In this group, you can participate in determining the direction of the project development, at the same time you get rights to understand more about with ecological construction of the project, but also enjoy the monthly regular welfare activities.

NGK blockchain

NGK community building aims for win-win situation since from beginning. For community builders, the standard of community growing at the same time with projects to achieve equivalent. In community, members manage to learn about blockchain market analysis, investment value, etc., With these, they can able improve self-knowledge as multi-technology zero-distance communication is provided. The community facilitates the formation of a common value chain consensus which is the basis of all values. Providing a good fundamental value to identity is a clear voluntary premise for all members, and also a value-enhancing as per demand.