NGK public chain, C-bit application public chain

The information service provided by the blockchain is a special Internet information service. The implementation of the blockchain industry is ultimately reflected in the establishment and application of the ecology of the underlying public chain in business scenarios. The public chain is the foundation of the blockchain, and the implementation and application of the public chain industry promotes the development of the industry.

In terms of the decentralized application Dapp ecology, the current public chain projects have not stimulated real business needs, nor can it be said that it is an innovative business model that subverts the traditional Internet. This reflects that the current public chain concept and implementation applications cannot be adapted to each other, and the current information resources cannot be redistributed in a decentralized form.

NGK public chain

Build a full-dimensional public chain cluster through landing applications

Through the DPOSS consensus mechanism, the NGK public chain drives developers to work together to build a universal application public chain, and it also takes the development of multi-dimensional public chains and the formation of cross-chain interactions as the development goal.

Implementing applications is an important criteria for testing the value of the public chain. NGK uses the Internet’s traffic thinking from the industry’s pain points to combine blockchain technology to have a brand-new upgrade to the Internet business model. In the NGK ecology, the application is used as a carrier to solve the high-frequency and rigid needs of users through blockchain technology, so as to realize the application value of the public chain ecology in business scenarios.

NGK public chain

NGK encourages global developers to develop high-quality smart contracts through a unique consensus mechanism to drive the deep integration of companies and developers, allowing companies, developers, users, and applications to interact with each other to form positive feedback, and use blockchain + to solve users Pain points and real needs.

Public chain applications should allow developers to organically integrate with enterprises

The developer team and the needs of the enterprise blockchain+ can be organically combined to form a better implementation application. Developers can easily develop smart contracts through the preset artificial intelligence system on the NGK public chain.

The essence of blockchain is to provide a technical service. At present, companies have a strong willingness to block chain +, but there are very few teams on the market that can develop good DAPPs or help companies do block chain + and business model reconstruction. Companies are also unwilling to spend a high cost on the development of DAPP to verify their business model, because the company has a very low knowledge of the blockchain and developers have a weak business knowledge.

NGK public chain

Through developer incubation, NGK can distinguish whether a developer or a development team is suitable for developing a scenario in a certain enterprise’s subdivision area. NGK will also use the reconstruction of the company’s business model to determine whether the segmented areas of the company can truly meet the needs of ecological users, thereby facilitating collaboration between developers and companies. Excellent developers can continue to enjoy rewards with their own smart contracts, and companies can also use low cost to verify the blockchain + business model, ultimately forming a complementary win-win situation.

Public chain applications that serve business can bring their own traffic

In the NGK ecosystem, through developer incubation, it is possible to know whether a developer or a development team is suitable for developing a scenario in a certain enterprise’s subdivision field. NGK can reconstruct the business model of the enterprise to determine whether the segmented areas of the enterprise can really solve the needs of ecological users, and finally map the actual users and existing Internet users to the blockchain.

NGK public chain

Blockchain technology is always to serve business. The public chain represents the foundation of blockchain technology. Better integration with commercial applications to allow ecological users to experience the charm of blockchain technology indiscriminately is an important prerequisite for becoming a valuable public chain. The influx of ecological users means that it is time for public chain projects to take effect or accelerate the performances.

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