NGK public chain DeFi launches strength, Baccarat project decentralized finance

The broad road, where DeFi has a record in market capitalization, is as hot as the West Gold Rush of the ’90s. DeFi’s liquidity mining makes for a beautiful scene for cryptocurrencies this year, and people no longer hold a hoe shovel but a string of code.

As DeFi’s market capitalization has soared, people seem to have found some 2017 flavor on the track, but it does……

NGK public chain DeFi

The recent development of the DeFi project is in full swing, NGK public chain Project DeFi: Baccarat is also a beautiful landscape.

Baccarat is a decentralized deal that keeps NGK.IO moving at the forefront of blockchain technology innovation and offers a new currency, BGV, which was initially unable to buy through the market to allow users to hold cryptocurrencies to earn a mining bonus for liquid BGVs, which would be the first of the first mining bonuses in the Baccarat project.

BGV is a newly issued DeFi special token for NGK.IO blockchain, the distribution principle is: The 1,500 BGVs are weighted by the amount of the market maker’s transaction, a maximum of 1,500 are sent out daily at a fixed rate, and each transaction generated by the DeFi is calculated in a timely manner, and the BGVs are issued at a time within 24 hours.

NGK public chain DeFi

NGK will also offer 10,000 BGVs to reward active accounts.

Baccarat provides users with a very secure and reliable de-centralized exchange, which operates through a de-centralized transaction agreement, without any cost of trust, with the marketer offering two tokens of equivalent value at the current price, the convertor can flash through a reserve pool, which is a type of transaction in time, the transaction fee will be used as a return to the mobile provider, more mobile providers will be involved, the flexibility of the transaction is driven, and the overall value lock-up is achieved. When the circulation of NGK and USDN is decreasing, the more value is locked, the more people who flow to participate in the mining, the NGK as the main liquidity token, and the whole transaction process is transparent, all participants can analyze the changes of NGK and BGV prices according to the total assets and proportion in the reserve pool.

NGK public chain DeFi

Founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley in the US, NGK uses cross-chain research as a commercial public chain of technological direction. For the first time, combine the cross-chain and the DeFi perfectly, and usher in a value age of connectivity! Ecological applications include: DeFi, digital identities, supply chains, cross-border payments, health care, education, food safety, etc.

Baccarat project highlights:

1. Coin mining + pool mining + active mining + appreciation.

2. No lock-in, no shareholder line, no private placement.

3. All data shall be available on the transparent chain of disclosure.

The NGK DeFi app is coming on line. Please follow NGK’s official news!



NGK blockchain

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