NGK public chain is the infrastructure of the global digital economy

Many countries are now beginning to attach importance to the application of blockchain technology in the real economy and actively embrace blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In terms of speeding up core technology breakthroughs and landing entities, NGK public chain breaks through the core part of an industry to solve the major problems of low efficiency, slow speed, and difficult development in the industry.

NGK public chain

NGK has three cores: DPOSS consensus innovation, TPS5000+, and one-click deployment of DAPP’s public chain basic bottom layer. Based on this, the problems of enterprise anti-counterfeiting traceability, brand building, product circulation, and digital financing can all be easily solved.

As the evangelist of blockchain 3.0, NGK public chain has been further research on the underlying technology of blockchain to promote the continuous optimization, and evolution of the underlying platform of blockchain. NGK is doing rapidly to form an independent innovation system to continuously achieve breakthroughs in the core technology of blockchain. At the same time, NGK fully considers the practicality of financial business scenarios to accelerate the commercial application of blockchain technology in the financial field, demonstrating the vitality of the new economic paradigm to grow into a global digital economy infrastructure.

NGK blockchain