NGK public chain: Upend traditional e-commerce and digital white stripes

Although the traditional e-commerce has its own set of mature operating system, but with the time test and the increase of user group diagram, its own shortcomings are embarrassing to expose. The traditional e-commerce business today faces unspeakable pain: serious dishonesty problem and uneven product governance; Frequent brushing makes it difficult for consumers to tell the truth; information disclosure is serious, and consumer privacy is difficult to protect; The oligopoly has highlighted that mainstream ecommerce accounts for 97% of the market; It is difficult for small-, medium-sized and micro-e-commerce to succeed.

E-commerce exposed the pain point is imminent, urgent need to cure, blockchain e-commerce model will be the best development mode in the next few years. After NGK’s main network line, it will officially open a new chapter for the application of blockchain e-commerce, using blockchain technology to help global e-commerce sharing, co-governance and public connectivity, and achieve “no difficult e-commerce in the world”.

NGK public chain

NGK is developed by the Silicon Valley Blockchain Technology Research Center in the United States, aiming at the e-commerce field, it has built an e-commerce system. It integrates the global decentralized e-commerce ecology, global node interconnection, aggregation of supply chain cloud storage, internet of things, value data services, to achieve the common control of user data and resources, sharing and accurate market expansion, and build the entire industry. The whole industrial chain based on the trusted ecological entry of blockchain e-commerce, promote the whole e-commerce ecology to develop under a harmonious environment of sharing and association.

Upend tradition and usher in a new era of ecommerce

The disadvantages of traditional e-commerce and the huge market demand urgently need a system based on NGK public chain technology to cure the pain, the arrival of blockchain tide, accelerate the transformation of the e-commerce field, with NGK e-commerce system, all small and medium-sized e-commerce will be restored to life, to achieve wealth + data win-win outcomes.

NGK is one of its applications in the supply chain in addition to its e-commerce applications. The flow of funds between the participants can be operated through digital white stripes, through the records of transactions on the NGK chain, the enterprise accounts receivable can be converted into data on the blockchain to flow, thereby improving the circulation efficiency and reducing the circulation cost.

NGK public chain

If one supplier provides some air-conditioning parts to a core appliance company, the supplier supplies the parts, the core enterprise assembles the air-conditioning parts, the air-conditioning parts will be sold in the market. However, until the air conditioner is sold, the core company will not pay for the goods, and the core company will give the supplier a voucher and pay the supplier after three months.

How can first-class suppliers continue to produce without the money? He takes the core company’s white paper to pay to secondary suppliers, or employees. In the traditional supply chain process, secondary suppliers may go to bank factoring, paying high factoring discount costs to finance companies and financial institutions.

NGK public chain

On the blockchain, everything is traceable, and there is no need for the intermediate link of bank lending. Companies can buy things and pay them directly, and consumers are employees. Now bank loans are really difficult, and suppliers can’t get bank loans after they get the white stripes, they can only white the stripes, they can give the stripes. Employees can buy air-conditioners with white stripes, eventually forming a closed loop. In this closed-loop, financial institutions may no longer be needed, or their operations will be reduced.

The biggest change in the supply chain’s digital white-stripe business is to reduce the participation of financial institutions and feed back the profits to businesses and individuals, which is a very big change.

The application of digital white stripes effectively presents the commercial level of NGK public chain. NGK through the way of large enterprises, assuming that 10 world 500 companies through the NGK to build their own white-bar trading platform, there will be 10 alliance chains, NGK will include all 10 alliance chains in the NGK public chain system, credit data and bills can be freely traded through NGK, these 10 trading platforms will form a decentralized distributed trading center, data sharing can not be tampered with.

NGK is a new generation of commercial-class basic public chain, dedicated to building enterprise-class blockchain platform, which can be applied to the supply chain in the fields of white stripes, bills, points, traceability, greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise operation, reduce costs, enhance enterprise credit, solve the problem of financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises.

NGK blockchain