NGK Reconstruction of Medical Ecology and Promotion of Medical Data Transformation

Medical data platform, is the data sharing and analysis of the data core equipment, data sharing issues, including data quality is not high, information islands tampering, records leak individual privacy gray transactions. It impedes the development of data platform, information can not be circulated and shared. There are two dilemmas for medical data. One is that access to medical data is not easy. Second, the lack of effective management and data security mechanism, to protect the safety and use of medical data is imminent.

NGK Reconstruction

The emergence of NGK.IO opens a new door to overcoming these challenges. This global application project, which combines cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence, is about to be launched in the medical field. It will integrate “blockchain plus medical” into a development that will provide standardized, transparent and intelligent services for all the entities in the industrial chain.

The NGK public chain can mainly solve the following medical problems:

At present, many hospitals and doctors can’t get accurate data, patients are treated in different hospitals, repeat the same examination items for many times, time-consuming and costly, so NGK public chain attempts to use intelligent contracts for medical data sharing across hospitals, and patient sensitive information privacy protection, multi-party institutions for data security sharing.

NGK through sharing images and data, to achieve the patient’s historical data modeling and machine learning multi-needs of image retrieval, assistant doctor treatment and health counseling and other privacy protection aspects, traditional medical data after encryption processing, safely stored in the block is difficult to tamper, all users’ true information is anonymous, difficult to trace back to the head of the data source, in the form and content of the stored data, according to the need of the data sharing type, but change the image type of data, can be taken as encrypted data for storage.

NGK blockchain

In addition to this, there are complex medical insurance process, calculating the access barriers between various medical institutions, information is not circulated, this problem can be solved by using the NGK side chain to establish different regions of block data storage platform, patients between different medical institutions between the history of medical records can be uploaded to the sharing platform, different data providers can be authorized to the platform users on the allowed channels for public access to data.

NGK is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology to securely store and share medical data. In order to solve the development bottleneck of the medical industry, the NGK research and development team makes full use of the high credibility of blockchain, low-cost security, distributed accounting and decentralized consensus, adopted the new intelligent contract architecture design, integrated advanced Internet of Things technology, to achieve the comprehensive reform of the medical system, reconstruction of the medical ecology, promote the transformation of human medical services.



NGK blockchain

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