NGK Russia Roadshow: The token economy created by Baccarat DeFi is the future development model

In 2020, as the global circuit of the NGK.IO chain was in full swing, the arrival was in Russia, and the roadshow was set up in a community hotel in Moscow on the same day NGK’s Silicon Valley core team joined hundreds of investment representatives and industry partners from across Russia to talk enthusiastically on the theme of a unified economic future.

Russia’s public acceptance of the NGK is high, both because of the support of the entire Russian financial system for the blockchain industry and the instability of the official currency, the rupee. We can know that the Russian economy is worth $3 trillion, just as NGK’s development in the Russian market is beginning, and the future is incalculable.

Baccarat DeFi

The NGK.IO chain also signed a partnership agreement with Russia’s local real estate industry, relying on physical assets to form a universal application for mining, business schools and exchanges. It has neither the bubble fears of a virtual digital currency nor the ability to diversify users’ asset profits, maximize their value for sustainable growth, generate more profits for users, and promote win-win development between platforms and users.

At the meeting, NGK.IO Public Chain Speaker Andrew demonstrated how NGK’s new DeFi project, Baccarat, is being used to explore the mobile mining, including how to make a trading pair in Baccarat, how to become a NGK marketer, the mining rules of the new high-value coin BGV, how to obtain more BGV airdrops and so on. Andrew said: The card economy is the developing trend in the future, the development of blockchain technology will help the social economy enter the card economy era.

Baccarat DeFi

The NGK Baccarat Pass will be integrated into the financial industry, business ecology, virtual application, sharing economy, internet and other related industries, realize the link-up and offline interconnection, and create a high-efficiency, low-cost, and safer innovative circulation ecology. The NGK public chain layered slicing technology enables the globalization of digital assets through the cross-chain flash settlement, creating the value of blockchain Token in the process of global consumption and manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Corresponding to the TCP/IP network protocol architecture hierarchy, the NGK public chain trust station through five levels of network layer, block layer, data layer, value layer and contract layer, to ensure the characteristics of block chain trusted in all levels of the architecture cover, effectively protect data security from the bottom layer, each level can be for certain service applications, meet the needs of different applications.

Baccarat DeFi

Based on the world, NGK Baccarat trading platform is based on platform currency, and is dedicated to creating a wider application scenario for users, helping traditional industries to develop digital economy. With the beginning of the NGK Baccarat DeFi era, NGK memory has doubled, creating the next memory myth after EOS! Believe in the future, it will create more surprises for many investors!