NGK Russia roadshow was successfully held to discuss the technological innovation of NGKEX on DEX

According to NGK official, the NGK roadshow organized by the NGK Russian community has been successfully held in Moscow a few days ago. This roadshow focused on the user experience and technological innovation of DEX. It discussed in depth the current development status of DEX. The roadshow invited nearly a hundred guests from blockchain industry experts, representatives of major nodes, representatives of various ecological industries, technical personnel in the blockchain industry, and well-known financial journalists. At the same time, the local media in Moscow also reported the grand roadshow in real-time. The guest speaker of the roadshow was Mr. Andrew, who delivered an excellent speech during the roadshow.


First, Mr. Andrew first talked about the status of DEX. He stated that the current technology of DEX has developed rapidly, but there are still some limitations. For example, most of the current DEX platforms are still based on the Ethereum protocol, and Ethereum has too many drawbacks, causing poor user experience.

Andrew stated that although the current Ethereum has entered the 2.0 stage. Upon the request of Vitalik Buterin, Rollup will be built to solve the current Ethereum’s high transaction fees and large-scale network congestion. However, Dapp and some on-chain data need to be migrated on a large scale to solve these problems. This is very troublesome for Dapp developers and users.


First, for those Dapp developers. They spent a high cost and a lot of time to build Dapp. As a result, they have to migrate Dapp to a new chain, and perform a series of technical operations such as code improvement based on the new chain, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Secondly, users especially beginners, who didn’t know much about transactions on Ethereum, and now they have to learn again. In addition, Rollup migration will take a long time. Some novice retail investors cannot afford to wait.

Andrew said that NGKEX seems to have found a solution to the current pain points of Ethereum. The NGKEX has innovated based on DEX. It is based on its own bottom technology, adopts DPOSS consensus, and incorporates the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and graphene technology, so that NGKEX can support large-scale transactions while reducing the gas consumption and ensuring fast transaction. This has brought an excellent user experience, and thus, it is welcomed by many users.


It is believed that the emergence of NGKEX will solve the shortcomings of Ethereum and will also bring hope to the DEX field and contribute to its development.

Andrew’s statement was widely recognized by the people present, and they all believed that Andrew’s statement was very reasonable. They look forward to the rapid expansion of the NGKEX to expand the application and development of the DEX field.

Lastly, Andrew stated that although NGKEX is newly launched, he believes that with the continuous improvement of NGKEX technology, it will become the industry leader in the future.



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