NGK seizes in the DeFi market to becomes the public chain winner

DeFi uses blockchain technology to improve transaction data transparency. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of open-source code, irreversible transaction behavior, non-tampered information, open and query able, and traceable transaction targets. Compared with the traditional financial industry, the transparency of DeFi information has been significantly improved, and the open source code and decentralized operation mechanism have certain advantages in preventing the malicious inflation of the main body of the regime.


At present, DeFi also has some problems. In terms of user reach, both DeFi and traditional finance have disadvantages of insufficient coverage. In addition, technical risks and implementation of applications are risks faced by the entire blockchain industry which DeFi is also inevitable.

NGK recently launched the DeFi decentralized financial transaction system, which is a protocol based on the NGK public chain, which aims to promote automatic exchange transactions between NGK token digital assets. NGK has achieved a major breakthrough in technology. The unique account system makes it easy for anyone to participate in providing liquidity on NGK. This time DeFi is fully deployed on the chain, and any individual user can use this protocol as long as they have installed decentralized wallet software.


The NGK public chain has extremely high TPS and security and fast transaction confirmation on the chain, with almost zero transaction fees, which is highly compatible with DeFi. NGK supports any massive and high-frequency business on the chain, continuously optimizes and upgrades the public chain, and actively deploys the entire public chain to expand its business scope.

The DeFi project has relatively high security requirements, and the NGK public chain has always attached great importance to it, and it has also ensured ecological security through various technological innovations. In terms of code security, NGK repeatedly verified and modified to ensure product security before going online.


In particular, the implementation of NGK full state sharding has effectively solved the performance problems of the NGK public chain. This is a very important breakthrough for DeFi, a business that requires high performance. The current user traffic of NGK also brings a lot of traffic to DeFi.

At the beginning of the design, the NGK public chain was also based on the demand of DeFi and used a modular network technology design to solve the current pain points in the DeFi field, to truly implement the blockchain technology and strive to bring new changes to the industry. In addition, NGK also provides developers with many applicable tool modules for developers on the chain to build their own functional modules. On the one hand, information can be transferred at a faster speed, and at the same time, users of the source code of the DeFi protocol on NGK can also directly call and deploy to further promote the prosperity of the DeFi ecosystem.

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