NGK South Korea roadshow, helps globalization of public chain

On August 6, 2020, NGK Global conducted a roadshow in South Korea. Many of blockchain industry experts and scholars, industry elites, and various investment banking institutions attended the scene to witness the grand roadshow of the NGK Global project. At the scene, special invited guest SJ introduced NGK Global to the participants.

NGK Global is headquartered in the United States, currently has operation centers in many countries around the world and also a holder of USMSB license. Next, NGK will devote itself to creating a reliable, safe, efficient and transparent digital network platform.

NGK South Korea roadshow

Smart contracts have hidden security risks, and technology has encountered bottlenecks; blockchain commercialization is difficult to implement, lack of product evaluation standards; digital currency management is not convenient, and the threshold for transactions and exchanges is relatively high. Based on this, the NGK team decided to build an intelligent interactive platform to promote the globalization of the public chain, and the NGK public chain came into being.

NGK Global guest SJ said that the team will make use of the advantages of decentralization, lightweight, fast cross-chain transactions, and cross-chain transaction parallelism to make the public chain more secure and rigorous. However, there are many challenges to designing a public chain that contains efficient, expandable, and low-cost. As the leader of public chain technology, NGK.IO is unanimously favored by industry insiders.

NGK South Korea roadshow

The core algorithm of NGK.IO uses the DPOSS consensus mechanism. While ensuring decentralization, it uses a unique block generation design to greatly guarantee the block generation speed and success rate of the main network. At the same time, compared with other public chain technology costs, NGK.IO has broken the previous technical barriers in terms of server costs and scalability costs.

At the same time, NGK.IO integrates the advantages of each system, and innovates in technology to achieve value interoperability and information interconnection. Therefore, compared with the existing public chains, NGK.IO is more flexible and efficient, cheaper, and able to realize a wide range of blockchain commercial applications in various industries.

NGK South Korea roadshow

From the perspective of commercial value, the decentralized ledger of NGK is more secure than previous centralized payment platforms, which able to prevent fraud and human operation errors. NGK’s public chain is not limited to commercial applications. The company team will use its broad potential application extensions to target the shortcomings of the traditional financial industry, payment fields, and other public chains to create a global public chain.

Regarding the specific creation of NGK’s globalization, SJ believes that NGK will be committed to DAPP and wallet applications on the chain to provide users around the world with reliable and secure digital currency payments. The NGK wallet will support the settlement of legal currency based on digital currency in various countries around the world and the circulation of digital currency assets in all ecology.

NGK South Korea roadshow

The NGK public chain has an unmatched advantage in other public chains, attracting the participation of a large number of technical talents, corporate executives and decentralization supporters, which able to make NGK widely used as well as promote market demand for the value of NGK public chain.

The technical strength of NGK.IO is able to make NGK public chain become the core of the underlying public chain of the blockchain industry, which will promote the overall innovation of blockchain technology and the next development of human civilization and social change.



NGK blockchain

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