NGK uses its own DeFi project as a breakthrough point to promote the DeFi market to a new height

In 2020, currently the popularity of DeFi is starting with decentralized transactions. In the past two years, decentralized transactions based on various technologies and business principles have continued to mature, and the market scale has continued to expand, prompting DeFi to become popular in 2020. We observe that the popularity of DeFi has a reason. In essence, decentralized transactions are the fuse of this round of DeFi, centering on the transaction itself to provide oracle services, provide liquidity services, asset synthesis, the resulting aggregation services, financial platforms, and so on. Of course, the oracle service is more future-oriented.

NGK DeFi project

The DeFi ecosystem launched by NGK is an ecosystem built on the NGK blockchain. It can be seen from the status quo of the industry that the traditional financial system has many drawbacks, such as opaque management and lack of accessibility. Therefore, the DEFI launched by the NGK is to solve the shortcomings of traditional industries, and it also requires a greater degree of resource integration.

The NGK DeFi ecosystem uses a fully anonymous zero-knowledge signature algorithm where there are no borders for digital assets and its core is to let all participants discard their original identities. NGK chose a zero-knowledge proof algorithm to completely erase the user’s specific identity, anonymous, safety which perfectly compatible with decentralization.

NGK DeFi project

In the payment link, the NGK DeFi ecosystem chose the lightning payment technology, which overcomes the pain points of high-latency transfer transactions on the chain, and compresses the payment delay to the level of existing commercial payments, which ensures the practicality of the DEFI ecosystem.

The DeFi ecosystem launched by NGK adopts the DPOSS consensus mechanism. While ensuring sufficient decentralization, the throughput of data has also reached the level of commercialization. This is the guarantee that the DEFI can be fully popularized.

NGK DeFi ecology is based on a solid technical foundation to create an easy-to-use, flexible, and programmable DEFI mother platform. This is the basis of the NGK DeFi ecological encryption digital financial ecological platform.

NGK DeFi project

The NGK ecology will deeply integrate DeFi and use its own DeFi project Baccarat as a breakthrough point to provide the NGK community with more diversified DeFi services. Community users can share the DeFi development dividend as long as they hold the BGV token. The BGV ecology will use DeFi to increase the circulation of ecological tokens, and at the same time will use technologies such as sharding and sidechains to enhance TPS to achieve the full chain of ecological governance and incentive mechanisms.

The total circulation of DEFI project BGV issued by NGK is 60,000. This will continue to inject new impetus into the NGK community, and also ensure the scarcity of BGV token circulation, and ensure the continuous and stable appreciation of its value in the future.

NGK DeFi project

At the same time, Baccarat will link NGK ecological resources with Ethereum and other ecology, so that the NGK blockchain ecology can better reach other blockchain ecology in the future, so as to accelerate NGK’s application on blockchain cutting-edge technology and accelerate the promotion of NGK ecological value.

The NGK blockchain allows all assets to be tokenized and traded in a borderless and globally open financial market. The launch of the NGK DeFi ecosystem allows many distributed financial technology developments to see the future of finance!