NGK wallet opens up blockchain and alliance links to builds a blockchain industry ecosystem

Since the development of blockchain, it has also faced many problems. Among these problems, especially the interoperability between blockchains greatly limits the application space of blockchains. Whether it is a public blockchain or a private blockchain, only through cross-chain technology can it achieve mutual value. Cross-chain technology is the key to bringing the blockchain together from scattered islands, and it is a bridge for the outward expansion and connection of the blockchain.

NGK wallet

On the one hand, cross-chain technology not only helps realize value transfer between different blockchains, but also realizes related business innovations, and can achieve financial business based on multiple digital assets. On the other hand, cross-chain has opened up the two parallel worlds of digital assets on the blockchain and traditional assets on the chain, connecting the public blockchain and the alliance chain.

NGK wallet is a cross-chain wallet with many functions. There is not only strong financial support behind it, but also strong technical strength. Relying on these two points, the NGK multi-party win-win wallet ecology has been established, and the application of blockchain technology has been accelerated. The core members of the NGK team have strong technology and rich experience where all of them are senior members of the blockchain industry.

NGK wallet

Based on this, NGK wallet has achieved three major functions:

1. Based on its own strong technical background, NGK wallet supports 13 types of digital asset cross-chain conversion functions such as BTC/ETH/TRX/EOS, and realizes decentralized functions and integrates tokens transactions and storage functions.

2. The NGK wallet R&D team has independently developed a number of decentralized products.

3. NGK wallet introduces the concept of financial management, which can provide financial services of token.

NGK wallet

NGK wallet positions its strategic goal as a blockchain product that can be used by everyone, and is committed in making the technology fully used and building a strong ecosystem and profit model. NGK Wallet adopts a three-step development strategy to build a bright future for the blockchain, which is to solve the problem of novice users’ difficulty in buying coins, access to DAPP and realize financial management, and create a consensus community product sales system.

NGK Wallet develops block producer in phases as the cornerstone of ecological development and construction. In the near future, NGK Wallet will establish a blockchain mall and use blockchain technology to realize the traceability of mall products. At present, products such as Burmese jewelry and French wine have been traced.

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