NGK will establish a global medical and health platform ecological network

Since token has become a new outlet, global blockchain technology has shown great potential in the financial market. The successive issuance of legal tokens by various countries means that the blockchain will surely bloom in the near future. The blockchain will growth rapidly.

The medical field is considered to be one of the areas with great potential for blockchain applications. With the rapid development of global digitalization and the increasing demands of citizens for health, how to ensure that citizens’ health and medical information are not leaked, how to efficiently establish health data files and quickly provide health solutions to individual health through data analysis have become essential. The characteristics of blockchain, such as traceability, immutability, and decentralization, can completely avoid security risks. Not only can it establish a trust ecological mechanism, combined with the maturity of 5G technology, health data storage, analysis, and sharing will become smoother.

NGK Blockchain

Under this environment, the NGK blockchain will establish a blockchain ecological network for the global healthcare system platform through the analysis of the current ecological development of the medical industry and the time of technology application, based on the multi-network blockchain technology, the original data islands are reorganized to establish a big data cloud service platform integrating with the medical management services, smart medical and other industrial chains to form truly valuable blockchain applications.

Technical characteristics:

Basic blockchain: The core development direction of the platform positioning is to realize an efficient, resource-sharing, and sustainable development of a big data blockchain network in the health industry.

Data synchronization technology: Integrated block acceleration synchronization algorithm to achieve further optimization and improvement of block node data synchronization.

NGK Blockchain

Consensus module: Through the consensus algorithm, to achieve a balanced choice between the blockchain response speed and network security.

Block storage technology: Through the block data storage design, rapid indexing and exchange applications of medical big data are realized.

Lightning network: Strengthen the in-depth research and practice of the lightning network. On the basis of maintaining the security of the original blockchain network topology, expand to meet the needs of high-performance transactions. YCF’s main and side chain data exchange can be applied in practice.

Core application:

Medical product traceability: Trace the supply chain of raw materials, production, and circulation to solve the trust problem of consumers and manufacturers, and protect the medical health by controlling the source of safety.

Medical data on chain: Personal medical data is synchronized on the chain. Example for personal health data, no matter in any health management organization, as long as by entering the personal ID, one can quickly trace a person’s personal health, medical conditions and other health-related data. This reduces the occurrence of repeated inspections and misdiagnosis. Not only can we quickly formulate health care programs based on the actual situation of individuals, but also can effectively protect personal health and privacy.

NGK Blockchain

On-chain payment: NGK will be built through on-chain payment applications to reduce reconciliation costs, improve payment speed and efficiency, and realize cross-chain and cross-border payments in seconds.

Consumer word-of-mouth: Combined with the non-tamperable and time-stamping functions of the blockchain to make information transparent, NGK will record everyone’s evaluation towards the medical service institutions or individuals. Once an evaluation is formed, it cannot be tampered with. The formation of the public’s supervision of service institutions has laid a solid foundation for the improvement of the level of medical services, and also provided a true data reference for individuals to choose suitable service institutions.

Personalized insurance recommendation: Recommend the most suitable commercial insurance for users based on their own medical and health data. The insurance product information and process are to be on chain to achieve the traceability of the whole process and realize the openness and transparency in all aspects such as transactions and claims.

Industrial interconnection: Real data sharing, real-time resource co-construction.

As a practitioner of medical big data, NGK.IO uses the value of global health and medical data to provide industrial services for health services, clinical research, medical supervision, public health, medical insurance, etc., and ranks among the leading companies in medical and health big data. In the future, we will continue to work with partners such as hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and financial institutions to jointly create a new medical and health service system, and strive to advance in the fields of medical health and pharmaceutical big data.

NGK blockchain