NGKEX has set sail and promoted the booming of digital trade services

Warren Buffett believes that our origin may provide great opportunities. During an interview, he said: “I was born with some lucky genes, and I happened to be born in the right period.” Compared to Warren Buffett, the NGKEX is also born with lucky genes. Thanks to the rapid development of global science and technology, especially the concept of DEFI, and the emergence and application of DPOSS and AI technology, the NGKEX followed the general trend and came into being.

The global digital economy is fiercely competitive, and economic giants such as Facebook and Amazon have deployed blockchains, while governments of various countries have also introduced blockchain-related support and regulatory policies. As an important industry application ecology, digital asset exchanges also need to innovate under the new situation to lead the industry. So, how should the exchanges break through? The innovation path taken by the NGKEX may give you the answer.


The NGKEX aims to “be easy for novices”, with a targeted design and customized interfaces that are simpler and easier to operate for users. The main page of the official website has upgraded the display of the activity section to increase the eye-catching effect. Users can immediately notice the important activities on the home page. What are the newly issued tokens? Discounts? Surprises? I want everything!

The brand-new recommendation of NGKEX makes the positive and negative information more obvious, allowing users to discover opportunities in the first time! Some people may disagree. They believe users can view this information after entering the trading section. However, we believe that few seconds may bring a lot of wealth to users!

The new trading interface and section of ​​NGKEX will soon usher in more mainstream cryptocurrencies, enriching users’ investment choices, and allowing users to have more investment opportunities.


The focus of this launch refers to the new user profile, enhanced security protection mechanism, 24/7 operation and maintenance support, continuous self-update and iteration, and a comprehensive upgrade of the security protection of NGKEX! A more effective firewall can resist 10,000 DNS attacks per second, ensuring the safety of users’ funds always. At the same time, the new user profile can enhance the accuracy of promotion statistics.

For users to understand order details more clearly, the order management page optimized by the NGKEX can accurately classify the transaction records such as crypto trading and high-frequency trading. The order history can be viewed at a glance, so that users can understand the transaction amount and number of transactions, as well as other specific information.


Brand-new asset management: adopt a brand-new account system dedicated to special accounts (wallet account/high-frequency account/crypto account/fiat currency account) to provide a more comprehensive record query function; more efficient deposit and withdrawal management, etc.

The NGKEX adopts a brand-new asset management interface, through a user-friendly design, a brand-new account system dedicated to special accounts, all transaction flows can be viewed at a glance. With the new query function, the user can intuitively and comprehensively query the flow, and they can know the whereabouts of their funds at any time. In addition, this also efficiently manages the deposit and withdrawal.

The NGKEX is based on the purpose of “Explore and innovate, invest the future”. It formulates a wealth plan that grows with users, so that all users who hold platform tokens can make profit from it! Each node community is a token holder, who is a community-based organization that is shared and co-governed, participating in the construction of the node community and building the strongest NGK consensus eventually. Are you ready?