NGKEX incorporates the stop-profit and stop-loss function to provide a risk protection for investors

In recent years, with the increasing demand for financial management, many people use their spare funds for financial investment. Nevertheless, investment has risks. How to prevent the capital loss and escape from backtest will involve stop-profit and stop-loss.

Matchmaking trading is a typical buy and sell order in the trading market, which provides matching services for buy and sell orders. In this process, extensive financial tools have been developed, such as contract and leverage trading. Due to the decentralized nature of tokens, the crypto market fluctuates frequently. If the currency market is bullish, how can you close it and take profit?


Users can trade token contracts in the NGKEX and trade the rise and fall of the market by buying long or selling short. You can start trading by holding USDT. In addition, the NGKEX also provides safe and convenient methods to deposit and withdraw funds, and 24/7 online customer service.

When mentioned a contract trading platform, people who know the futures of the A-share market, know that, similar to futures, contracts have high returns accompanied by high risk. The NGKEX has launched the latest stop-profit and stop-loss function to help some novice investors and advanced players avoid risks. “Stop loss” means that when the user’s loss reaches his predetermined amount, he will liquidate his position in time to avoid greater losses. The stop-profit and stop-loss trading system launched by the NGKEX eliminates the manual tracking. Once the price point is triggered, the system will automatically trade, saving users time, effort, and worry. Timely stop-profit and stop-loss is the key for good contract investment, which is also the mission of NGKEX. Preset stop-profit and stop-loss points when opening a position to reasonably control risks. At the same time, you can also set multiple stop-profit and stop-loss points.


In addition, the NGKEX has also created a zero-slippage trading, which completely eliminates slippage under stop-profit and stop-loss, and the trigger price is the transaction price. This is genius, and it can be regarded as the conscience of the industry.

Finally, contract investors must be reminded that there are many large and small user groups in the market, and the level of their traders is uneven, coupled with the large fluctuations in the token market, users must reasonably control their own asset risks and beware of being fooled.

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