NGKEX: The trading volume under the epic DEX bull market

No one can stand strong forever on the DEX track, only heroes who follow the trend!

In 2020, DeFi has swept the entire crypto industry. Within a year, the total lock-up volume has increased by tens of billions of dollars. This year, the DEX field has gained popularity, especially the old DEX platform led by Uniswap and the emerging DEX platform led by NGKEX, making a lot of money for users.

Especially the NGKEX, due to its low handling fee, zero TRC20 transfer fee, coupled with the advantages of stable network system and non-congestion, it is highly favored by active traders. The data shows that whale-level traders prefer to trade in the NGKEX. In addition to the excellent trading experience, the low transaction fee is also the reason why it is particularly favored by these whales. It can help them save nearly one million dollars transaction fees! That is a huge amount in the long run.


According to previous data, NGKEX is the most active exchange in listing the mainstream tokens on the market such as BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, etc., which were launched almost at the earliest stage. In addition, NGKEX has also launched on-chain tokens issued by the NGK blockchain, such as NGK, VAST, and BGV. Based on the sensitive sense of the cryptocurrency market and the forward-looking nature, the on-chain tokens of NGK blockchain have been launched. The token price is low, and it makes many profits for platform users. Thus, it provides DEX platform with a money-making effect.

With the unique advantages and the money-making effect, many ecological builders abandon the traditional DEX platform and migrate to the NGKEX. In turn, it has brought liquidity to the NGKEX and increased the value of NGKEX, thereby increasing the value of NGK blockchain in general, and indirectly increasing the prices of NGK, VAST, and BGV tokens. It continuously brings more profits to ecological builders holding these tokens. To some extent, the ecological builders, NGKEX, and the NGK blockchain have formed a multi-party and a win-win relationship.


As the influence of the NGKEX in the DEX field increases, it has also become an epic traffic portal under the DEX bull market, which carries the entry of thousands of users every day.

So, will the influx of these users affect the stability of the platform? Will the platform become the target of hacker attacks?

The answer is definitely no. In fact, when NGKEX was developing, it had already anticipated these problems. So, during the early stage of construction, it has improved its performance and technology. For example, NGKEX integrates the DPOSS consensus algorithm with graphene technology, so that it can support millions of TPS without causing the risk of network delays.

In addition, NGKEX adheres to the principle of decentralization and deploys relevant security protocols to protect it from hackers, so that it can always protect the users’ digital assets.


At present, although NGKEX is still in its infancy, its influence is comparable to any old DEX platform. I believe that with the continuous improvement of its technology and the continuous expansion of the market in the future, it will surpass the traditional platform and become the king of DEX!

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