NGK’s unique blockchain ecological value advantage

From the barbaric era of 1.0, to the era of 2.0 when the heroes were brought together and again to the 3.0 era of value interconnection, the evolution of blockchain has been full of discussions, especially the dispute over the definition of blockchain 3.0. With continuous development along the technical lines, blockchain 3.0 finally evolved into the era of commercial blockchains.

The mainstream blockchain of blockchain projects, claim that the open platform supports the development and access of DAPP. However, in the actual process, there are only a few active DAPP, and the research and development area is relatively narrow. Some developers do not have enough technology to build independent business scenarios, which has led to obvious shortcomings in commercialized applications in terms of active volume and development volume, or promotion and guidance.


Empower developers with technological innovation

There are many differences between the NGK blockchain and the mainstream blockchain. The NGK blockchain focuses on innovation in three aspects: basic blockchain capabilities, blockchain service capabilities, and blockchain application capabilities. Among them, the blockchain service capabilities mainly provide platform link services, provide enterprise-level application services for domestic and foreign enterprises, and help traditional industries achieve one-click simple blockchain deployment.

In terms of application layer and service layer capabilities, NGK blockchain provides diversified blockchain related interfaces, and developers can quickly complete the development of DAPP based on the blockchain. NGK blockchain open API method includes applications on the main chain, account clients, wallets, games and other applications. The entire design concept is based on smart contracts, reflecting the biggest technical advantage of the blockchain.

In terms of service, the NGK blockchain opens up self-developed interfaces for different companies, provides customized modules, and deploys enterprise applications on the chain with one click, such as deposit certificates, traceability, supply chain finance and other scenarios, to achieve a complete blockchain solution. Based on the NGK application open platform, it will provide user sharing for all connected development applications, which is another extremely important value of the NGK blockchain. While using encryption algorithms to share users anonymously, the NGK blockchain will develop industry-specific smart contracts for credit evaluation based on different sharing economy fields to maximize the protection of user information privacy.

NGK blockchain

Unique architecture design makes the ecology safer

Blockchain technology is in a period of vigorous development. How to use blockchain technology to achieve higher concurrency, shorter transaction delays, and stronger security application scenarios poses many challenges to the blockchain technology itself. The NGK blockchain adopts the main chain architecture design, commanding all participants in the coordination system, recording and verifying the operation of the entire blockchain, and ensuring that the information conforms to the operating rules and is trustworthy.

According to the needs of business and users, different side chains can be responsible for independent recording and consensus business data. Through the design of the main chain architecture, the NGK blockchain has achieved the evolution to the commercial blockchain and successfully formed a business alliance.

Killer application break through and detonate value dividends

Blockchain technology is the cornerstone of building value interconnection and has brought tremendous changes to the digital economy. The combination of blockchain and traditional finance solves many problems that the traditional financial industry could not solve. From the perspective of the entire blockchain application, the development concept of NGK blockchain has always been centered on the application in the commercial field, and will focus on the layout of distributed finance.

NGK blockchain

With the combination of blockchain technology and finance, DeFi has also shown a form of development in full swing. NGK combines its own characteristics to develop DeFi services and provide users with digital financial services.

The NGK blockchain has its own characteristics based on the financial industry: on the one hand, the blockchain is only the basic layer of its entire protocol system architecture, whether it is Ethereum, EOS, etc. or other blockchains, NGK can integrate them all; on the other hand, it encapsulates common modules, a financial side chain based on the NGK blockchain, which is more friendly to developers. The implementation of the applications includes stablecoin, exchanges, lending, insurance and many other scenarios.

The NGK blockchain, as a typical representative of Blockchain 3.0, has entered a countdown to the mainnet launch, and is about to open a new era of navigation. The future development is full of unlimited expectations.

NGK blockchain