Non-stop VAST airdrops and the newcomer assistance program covers 50,000 users. The ecological builders are excited!

Recently, NGK officially launched a newcomer assistance program, mainly for newly registered NGK accounts. It aims to stimulate the NGK market, promote more newcomers to join and enhance the newcomers’ understanding of NGK. Besides, it aims to help the advocates who joined NGK early, so that they can promote the newcomer market better and faster, increase the wide awareness of NGK, enhance the power of consensus, promote consensus development, and quickly help NGK in becoming the mainstream token and consensus for global users.

VAST airdrops

To this end, the NGK official rewards 10,000 VAST tokens for the newcomer market. The specific rules are as follows: Any new user who registers as a member and purchases a computing power equivalent or more than 200USDN will receive 0.2 VAST as a reward. (Same bonus for purchase of computing power more than US$200).

1. Reward requirements:

A. Register new account after 4pm, February 8

B. The first reload reaches more than US$200 computing power (not available for purchase through the computing market)

2. The total reward of 10,000 VAST will be distributed while stocks last.

3. The event begins at 4pm on February 8th, and ends at 4pm on March 8th, California time.

VAST airdrops

This newcomer assistance program can increase at least 2.1 million computing power, which greatly increases the liquidity of NGK computing power. This is because the reloaded computing power of US$200 mentioned above is calculated according to the current unit price, 21 computing power is exactly US$200, with the total of 10,000 VAST tokens, according to the reward of 0.2 VAST tokens for each account, it can be concluded that NGK’s current event can at least cover fifty thousand new registered users of NGK. The official setting of “over US$200 in computing power and the same bonus” has further ensured the decentralization of VAST tokens, so that there will be no large accounts like Dogecoin. If the currency is too concentrated, it is predicted that, at least in the early stage, the distribution of the top five major customers and even the top ten major customers of VAST will remain at 8% or even less than 5%, maintaining the best ratio of decentralization and liquidity.

VAST airdrops

Furthermore, it is difficult to obtain VAST. It is required to exchange VAST star value (high conversion ratio, 10,000:1) and wait for the NGK’s entire network computing power to reach 8 million. Moreover, the VAST star value is issued 1:1 according to the value of the SPC computing power reward token of the ecological construction participant’s account. Now, with the VAST airdrop, the above complicated steps are directly omitted and thus, many ecological builders are excited!

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