Once the project goes online soaring by 3395%. What is NGK Global?

NGK Global, the most popular project in the money world, finally launched on October 14, 2020, California time. The opening price was 0.0215U, and by today it had reached 0.73U, up 3,395%. It is now in the 0.6U-0.7U range.

There is no reason why the market is so positive about the price of NGK.IO. I will be here today to discover what is holy about the 3,395%-soaring NGK token.

1. NGK and STO (Issuance of Securities-type Universal Stock Cards)

To judge the true value of a project, you have to know how it is issued and the background power of the regulator, an authoritative regulator who can help investors filter out non-compliant projects from the source. NGK is a STO project approved by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). So our interpretation begins with the SEC’s STO.

STO, which represents the Securities General Warrant Issue, with the full name Security Token Offerings. The SEC does not give any guidance to the STO when it approves an issue, but only regulatory tasks. And the approved projects, on the one hand, are sure to be well-planned; On the other hand, it is a real field application scenario, can contribute to the good life of mankind.

2. NGK and USA International Covenant INC

Previously, the news of the NGK.IO launch almost swept the mainstream media in the money world, fueled by USA International Covenant INC, as well as the excellence and innovation of its own projects. Founded in 2009 in San Francisco, the US, USA International Covenant INC Global Investment Corporation, or SIG, is an innovative investment manager. USA International Covenant INC’s list of the eight largest sectors invested in the “blockchain+” layout covers areas such as healthcare, finance, real estate, hotels, automobiles, new energy, wine, gaming, sports and blockchain.

USA International Covenant INC has a proven track record in investment and management, innovative financing models that provide businesses and individuals with financial, resource, management, training, legal, and other related services. 15 project funds have been launched globally, with a total of $3.4bn from the consolidation of multi-party capital. USA International Covenant INC is committed to providing financial advice and asset management to financial institutions, private enterprises, and individual merchants worldwide, and providing diversified financial services to a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises.

3. Application scenario of NGK

Based on the above information, it is generally believed that NGK.IO is a digital asset trading platform with complete ecological close loop and full ecological application scenario, and also has application scenario different from general platform currency. In the future, users can use NGK token to directly purchase the commodities in the eight major sections, and the eight major sections will also apply NGK token to enterprises.

Closing: The NGK saga continues, and investors will make money as long as they hold it. NGK’s current 0.73U price is likely to be a low in the long run, and NGK is still in its development dividend. Will NGK become a mainstream currency in the currency world like HT, BNB, OKB? We can all expect that.