Reconstructing traditional commerce and innovating industrial formats. The NGK Global emerges with a new attitude

As we all know, the world is entering to the era of high technology led by the troika of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). The blockchain industry has become a promising industry.

The blockchain industry is undergoing numerous changes. It has experienced the 1.0 currency era and the 2.0 financial system, now it has entered the 3.0 period. This means that it will move from concept to implementation.

Whoever can seize the opportunity in the blockchain 3.0 will be the ultimate winner.

NGK Global

NGK Global is an emerging blockchain implemented in the era of 3.0. It is a more open, stable, efficient and safe with the international ecological applications.

With the blockchain technology as the core, it integrates the advanced technologies such as the IoT, AI, and big data. It establishes a high-performance, high-concurrency, scalable, and low-threshold industry general system tool, as well as empowers the token economy to solve the problem of capitalization in the real industry.

Starting from a global perspective, the NGK Global aims to build an international blockchain with great prospects and strength. In NGK Global, the ecological applications can be perfectly realized. It has already covered a variety of real economy models including the real estate, entertainment, sports and renewable energy.

These industries provide a strong support for the development of NGK Global. The ecological applications around the world support NGK payment. This provides unlimited space and possibilities for the increase of NGK’s currency value.

NGK Global

In addition, the NGK Global has a unique closed-loop profit model.

The blockchain ecology includes wallets, digital gain platforms, side chains, exchanges and development services. It is led by the blockchain to form a complete exchange with the listed companies, entity companies, DAPP, foundation of NGK and USDN, and the NGK Global. Hence, creating a closed-loop profit model.

In addition, the power of NGK Global’s ecological chain should not be underestimated.

So far, the NGK Global has carried out in-depth cooperation with many mainstream local and international media, and its popularity is covering hundreds of countries and regions. This means that the benefits of NGK Global are being widely promoted.

Although today’s currency has been developing for many years, there is still negative and positive phenomenon. Many digital asset service platforms perform speculative activities under the banner of blockchain. It is all about the intentionality and capability.

In this context, NGK Global is especially valuable.



NGK blockchain

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