Roadshow: Congratulations to the success of NGK Global Roadshow
in Seoul station

Recently, the NGK Global’s “International Roadshow Tour” was held in Seoul, South Korea! During the conference, many blockchain experts and members of the NGK Global community gathered together to conduct a roadshow commentary on the NGK Global project, and made their speeches in sharing and introducing the development of blockchain industry, the application and prospects, as well as the value ecology of NGK Global.

During this roadshow event in South Korea, the representative of NGK Global community explained the fundamental of roadshow in detail, aiming at the global consensus development of NGK Global and to convey the fundamental positive energy of the NGK Global blockchain project!

NGK Global Roadshow

At the conference, the experts in blockchain industry gave a very wonderful speech on NGK Global by introducing its past and present in details.

As the forerunner of blockchain + mobile payment + physical industry, NGK Global quickly promote the application of blockchain’s unique characteristics of decentralization, easy trust, security and convenience, transparency and openness in the real economy, and combined with the cutting-edge technological innovation to build a valuable blockchain.

The future prospects of NGK Global are inestimable. Blockchain + mobile payment + physical industry is undoubtedly a solution that can completely solve the current shortcoming of the real economy industry. The revolutionary business model and the bottom technology can enable various institutions in the entire chain of the physical industry to exchange data, collaborate in development, and obtain corresponding economic benefits.

NGK Global Roadshow

NGK Global has a clear strategic positioning, based in the Silicon Valley of the United States and global market-oriented. It strives to complete the global strategic goal of blockchain’s landing applications.

The speech given by the representative of NGK Global community was highly agreed by everyone. In the Q&A session, the participants actively consulted the representative of NGK Global community and all the questions were answered one by one.

The application scenarios of NGK Global are the most exciting. This is because in the near future, NGK Global will cover both the online and offline multi-scenario applications, bringing the climax of this event. After all the speeches were over, the speakers actively interacted with the participants. Thus, the NGK Global Roadshow in Seoul station was successfully held!

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