Roadshow: NGK Global roadshow international tour — Seoul station

Recently, the NGK Global roadshow in Seoul was officially completed. It is expected that the NGK Global will be officially launched in October, and it has been favored by many capitals in the industry and recognized by the market.

With its innovate concepts and condense consensus, this time the NGK Global has attracted many investors and industry practitioners who are interested in the blockchain. Everyone was having an in-depth discussions on the application of the blockchain industry and the development direction of NGK Global.

NGK Global roadshow

The representative of the NGK Global community gave a speech at first, telling that relying on the vigorous development of internet technology, the scale of the blockchain industry is also developing by leaps and bounds. However, affected by the impact of centralized institutions and the internet, the development of the traditional physical market has stalled, and competition in the industry has begun to intensify. Therefore, a new breakthrough is needed, which is the blockchain. Blockchain is a new subversion for the physical industry, and NGK Global aims to be an industry pioneer.

Subsequently, the representative of USA International Covenant INC gave a speech. The USA International Covenant INC is composed of professional investment and cultivation teams in the industry. The goal of launching NGK Global is to build a global high-quality blockchain project, deeply empower the entities, and establish the online and offline applications.

NGK Global roadshow

The representatives from USA International Covenant INC also shared the real industry cases they have invested in before, as well as the strategic layout of USA International Covenant INC in NGK Global in the next few years, including but not limited to the consumer applications, education and healthcare, games, security applications, etc.

NGK Global invested by the USA International Covenant INC has a particularly strong development space in the consumer application scenarios due to its strong performance and high security. The USA International Covenant INC will link the resources from many countries to NGK Global in the future, to fully implement the application of NGK Global, and build a massive community and offline operation center system.

From now on, the NGK Global will hold long-term global events for the blockchain projects, covering the popularization of blockchain technology and industry applications It provides a space for the industry discussions and refining consensus for the emerging blockchain, and gathers the industry elites to undergo an in-depth communicationsin in order to create a new direction for the development of blockchain applications.



NGK blockchain

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