Roadshow: NGK Global’s London Roadshow was a complete success, and set the sail for UK station.

Recently, NGK Global’s UK Roadshow was grand opening in London. In this roadshow, the representatives of NGK British community, USA International Covenant INC, and Spirit Stone discussed in depth with the theme of “Blockchain + Physical Industry”.

The representative of the NGK British community pointed out that the blockchain exchanges data, technology creates value, and the consensus creates capital. He said that blockchain provides data sharing for artificial intelligence and a foundation of trust, making open and transparent data sharing no longer a luxury, collecting data faster and more transparently. Thus, it helps the entire blockchain to mine value, and greatly improves the efficiency of various industries.

NGK Global’s London Roadshow

The representative of USA International Covenant INC expressed his thoughts on the combination of blockchain technology and traditional industries. For example, in terms of data, for the users in different institutions, it is difficult for them to transfer data across institutions. The user data may be confused or leaked, etc.

In terms of insurance, the problem is equally prominent. For insurance companies, the costs of insurance management are high, and used up energy on the contract signing and inspection claiming. The claim payment process is complicated because many stakeholders are involved. Most of these problems are due to the lack of standardized records and operating procedures. Due to these factors, it caused the inefficient of most office workers.

NGK Global’s London Roadshow

The advantages of the blockchain technology cannot be ignored. The blockchain has the advantage that is immutability. In this way, data can be recorded on the blockchain, so that the data can be encrypted without being tampered with. This will become the most effective method in the data protection of various industries. At the same time, the blockchain technology can also be traceable to avoid the proliferation of fake and faulty products.

NGK Global truly applies the blockchain technology to practically solve the industry problems. Under the leading of NGK Global, a decentralized, efficient and convenient life will become a reality.

Driven by the increasing enthusiasm of global users for consensus, the NGK Global roadshows will be held in more cities to promote the development of the blockchain industry and create a better future together!

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