Roadshow: NGK Korea Roadshow was successfully held to boost the development of blockchain finance

According to reports, the NGK Global Seoul Roadshow in South Korea was successfully held on August 6, 2020 with the help of NGK Global’s Korean fans. The roadshow invited innovative talents in the blockchain technology from all over the world to jointly focus on the revolutionary of NGK Blockchain technology innovation. NGK Global team and the participants witnessed the opening of the NGK Blockchain era together.

NGK Korea Roadshow

The roadshow carried out wonderful sharing on topics such as the implementation of NGK Blockchain technology and the development of NGK + Payment applications. The blockchain technology has always been praised for its characteristics such as non-tampering, synchronization across the network, transparency, and low cost. With the development of society, blockchain technology has achieved rapid breakthroughs. More and more organizations around the world have begun to adopt the blockchain technology to improve their overall social efficiency and reduce their operating costs.

The speaker, SJ said that as the world’s leading blockchain platform, the NGK Blockchain always put the business needs first, and will thoroughly carry forward the blockchain technology, so that the NGK Blockchain can truly be implemented in the commercial and financial fields. In addition to the implementation of technical application, NGK Pass, as a digital economy equity certificate, can also be circulated in the NGK’s eight major industries. NGK will surely build a business empire of global blockchain digital economy. At the same time, NGK will also establish a blockchain payment ecosystem. It perfectly solves the token payment while being completely decentralized and has the advantages of supporting small and micro payments, instant payment with extremely low handling fees.

NGK Korea Roadshow

Similarly, NGK is also a value router in the era of digital economy. Based on the NGK’s team long-term market operation and technical reserve experience, the NGK Global team integrates NGK Blockchain into the traditional financial transactions, activating the digital assets while ensuring the security and privacy of users to the greatest extent.
This roadshow specially invited the world-renowned blockchain experts and many well-known venture capital institutions to participate. During the roadshow, the participants discussed with the NGK project team from multiple perspectives of the market and products. The roadshow was also reported by hundreds of well-known media platforms. As the global users’ consensus on NGK becomes higher, the value of NGK will increase. The NGK roadshows will be successively held in different first-tier cities around the world to boost the development of blockchain finance and create a better future together!

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