Roadshow of NGK global ecological chain in Silicon Valley —
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The United States has formed a collaboration between the government, financial institutions, traditional enterprises and listed companies to the blockchain at the levels of regulatory, infrastructure, and application. As a leader in the blockchain technology, NGK establishes its first global roadshow in the Silicon Valley, United States and discusses the impacts and changes of blockchain technology on personal life with the United States and the global blockchain industry.

NGK global ecological chain

Recently, the seminar with the topic of “Blockchain Empowers the Real Economy — the Transformation of the Renewable Energy Industry” has ended perfectly at the San Carlos Marriott Hotel, Silicon Valley. NGK has signed a strategic cooperation with an energy company in America, L03 Energy, and helped it to realize its industrial transformation.

In addition, Daniel Bolsonaro, the main architect of the NGK ecological chain, also shared the technology architecture, economic model and the entire layout of the NGK ecological chain to the participants. The digital assets, asset wallets, industry asset exchanges, international payment and financial systems have been built in the ecological chain of NGK.

NGK global ecological chain

At the level of implementation of technology, NGK embeds the distributed ledgers into the existing application systems. By packaging the distributed ledgers, the threshold for the upper-layer applications is lowered, and the underlying distributed ledgers are continuously optimized and perfected during the docking process. The ledger and consensus algorithm are aligned to the demands of users.

When the number of NGK users and the requirements for the application continue to increase, NGK will adopt a professional distributed structure to achieve the expansion, effectively manage the huge business volume, thereby improving the functionality of the entire system, and effectively avoiding frequency of incidents. NGK will design a unique distributed structure according to the required business scenarios. The core technology includes the system design, distributed operating system, distributed data, etc.

Regarding the digital assets, NGK has designed a more efficient and flexible NGK-USDN dual-token economic model in order to improve the efficiency in the flow of fund within the ecosystem. NGK can be used as a hub for flow within the ecosystem, empowering the industry and all the exchanges of product. NGK can also be used for purchases; in addition, USDN is used as an algorithmic stablecoin to anchor the value of the US dollar, which can be used for global payment, exchange for participation in NGK ecological computing power mining, and obtain ultra-high returns. The dual-token economic model achieves a balance between robustness and volatility while ensuring that the entire ecosystem operates independently and safely.

NGK global ecological chain

The NGK wallet and asset transactions include the technologies such as cross-platform, multi-currency support, automatic token identification, API payment, interactions of contract, etc. Daniel as the main architect has described the NGK ecological chain and DPOSS consensus in terms of its mechanism, new consensus algorithm and other technology architecture.

As the world’s leading blockchain project, the NGK ecological chain has passed the STO certification of the US Securities and Exchange Commission and issued equity endorsements. This time, its appearance in the Silicon Valley has achieved full integration with the advanced blockchain technology from Europe and indicated NGK’s full force in expanding to the overseas markets. It is reported that NGK will successively appear at the industry summits in Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, etc. to establish a solid foundation for the global ecological construction after the NGK mainnet is launched.



NGK blockchain

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