Setting up in Seoul and chaining the future

This roadshow has gathered many leading figures, experts, scholars, and major corporate elites in various entities and industries to jointly seek a blueprint for the development trend of NGK, and understand the current implementation of NGK project in promoting the stable operation of the blockchain industry.

Firstly, SJ, the speaker of the event, delivered an opening speech. He stated that blockchain is currently getting attention around the world as it is believed to empower the digital economy. The Korean government will launch new measures to support the development of blockchain in terms of policies to jointly promote the development of the digital economy. As the cutting-edge technology of distributed storage, NGK will overturn the traditional economic model and make changes in leading us into a new era.

Regarding the NGK market mechanism, SJ mentioned that NGK adopted a decentralized oracle to write the smart contracts into NGK in a digital form. NGK has the characteristics of openness, transparency, traceability, and immutability. Compared with the privacy protection technology of the existing blockchain, NGK greatly protects the security of users’ account and transaction information. While in terms of strategic planning, NGK will break through the barriers of countries, regions, and languages. It will use data as the core in connecting the digital resources of various industries around the world and changing the productivity relationship of all roles in the business model through the implemented ecology and promoting the global development of the digital economy.

In addition, NGK uses the data of financial industry as the starting point to focus on the digital traceability and digital upgrade of related industries to introduce an era of data sharing in which rights and interests can be publicized. In the future, NGK will deploy more computing power mining ecologies, create value for more investors and institutions, and achieve a steady growth of wealth.