Silicon Valley’s top blockchain project NGK Global held a grand roadshow in Seoul

NGK Global, the world’s top blockchain project, held a grand roadshow in Seoul, South Korea on August 6. The guest from the NGK Global roadshow, SJ met with many experts, scholars, investment bankers, technical developers, and supporters to share the latest developments of NGK Blockchain, the advantages and the development prospects of NGK Blockchain decentralization, as well as the latest feedback from different industries and scenarios.

Since 2017, the popularity of tokens led by Bitcoin and Ethereum has continued to increase and recognized by most people in the industry. At the same time, the bottom technology based on token — blockchain has gradually entered people’s eyes.

NGK Seoul Roadshow

Many companies around the world are deploying blockchain. The shared distributed database of the blockchain has become the center of attention. For example, NGK lays out the future blockchain market, connects the world’s top technical talents, and promotes the large-scale application of decentralized technology. It has been widely recognized and favored by many technology developers, markets and investors.

SJ stated that as a pioneer in the bottom technology of blockchain, the application of NGK Global in the real economy will be rapidly expanded and widely combined with the innovative technologies in the commercial real industry to build a valuable blockchain.

NGK Seoul Roadshow

During the roadshow, SJ further explained the importance of decentralization, which allows NGK Blockchain to make funds in a more secure environment and prevent any attacks. This can avoid financial losses to the company or users. The decentralization of the NGK Blockchain will greatly enhance the trust, gain recognition from more users and businesses to create the unlimited prospects.

The NGK Blockchain is like a link that connects the blockchain and the commercial market to achieve greater commercial value. It will open the path to the real economy, so that more companies can transform from the real economy to the digital economy.

NGK Seoul Roadshow

SJ expressed his expectations and prospects for the blockchain. He expects it to become the core of global blockchain, and its continuous optimization. The market inspection and continuous improvement of technology are essential to the outstanding development of NGK Blockchain.

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