SPC airdrop is coming! 2021 NGK activities continue!

The NGK project has continued activities recently. Before and after the BGV Defi project, the Calling Hippo event, and the computing power leader reward ‘Laser Program’. Recently, the SPC sidechain officially introduced by NGK is online again. This time, in accordance with the previous SPC practice, some airdrops will be issued in advance. The total number of airdrops will be 2 million units, which will be distributed using the NGK computing power holding accounts, dividing the total amount of airdrops 2 million by the total amount of computing power in the entire network is equal to how many coins are airdropped for each computing power. For example, if the total amount of computing power in the entire network is currently 5 million, then 2 million divided by 5 million = 0.4. Each computing power holder can get 0.4SPC. If the user holds 1000 computing power, then he or she can obtain 400 SPCs (airdrops are not available for invalid users). The airdrop time is initially set on January 12th. The specific information is as follows:

SPC airdrop

https://www.ngk.org/view-84.html; https://ngk.io/view-74.html.

The specific rules are subject to the official announcement; all rights reserved by NGK.

This SPC transaction mechanism is entirely based on a decentralized transaction model. The ecological construction participants can conduct peer-to-peer transactions. All data links are open and transparent where they can be searched online, and each transaction of A and B can be clearly seen in the browser. At the same time, the SPC uses encryption methods to query the block height, block node, time stamp, and HASH value. At the same time, SPC promises to protect the information security of participants in the ecological construction to the greatest extent.

SPC airdrop

The SPC side chain was developed by the NGK Spirit Stone team for several months, and it was developed with great concentration by an expert graduated from Ivy League, United States and has several years of blockchain experience. After several rounds of internal testing, the project was reviewed and audited by a third party, so ecological builders can be rest assured.

In addition, NGK officials will soon release the “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology” for the respected NGK global users. This book mainly interprets all aspects of NGK’s bottom technology and its future ecological application prospects for users. The initial sale price of this book is 30NGK. It has not yet been publicly sold on the market, and available for internal collection only. However, VIPs who have made outstanding contributions to NGK market can receive them for free. The details are as follows: VIP1 can receive one copy of “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology”; VIP2 can receive two copies of “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology”; VIP3 can receive three copies of “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology”; VIP4 can receive four copies of “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology”; VIP5 can receive five copies of “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology”; VIP6 can receive six copies of “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology”; VIP users with more than 1,000 computing power can receive one copy of “NGK Blockchain Bottom Technology”. So, VIP users, please email us your account number, VIP level, address, contact number and your country to our email info@ngk.io. Lastly, the NGK representative said, please stay tuned to our official website for the latest news of book sales, and we thank our global ecological participants for their continued support and attention to NGK.



NGK blockchain

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