SPC computing power reward token, another ecological masterpiece from NGK high-fold token!

“One day in the crypto market, one year in the world”, no matter whether you lose or make a profit, this sentence seems reasonable. 7/24, 365 days of uninterrupted trading, unlimited fluctuations, four-digit fluctuations at every turn, rich leverage tools such as futures and options, the participants have uneven trading levels. There is no supervision, the insider trading is rampant. 12 years after its birth, Bitcoin has risen from a unit price of three cents to the current US$40,000. It has been constantly denied, controversial, and suppressed, creating a rise of 1.33 million times.

SPC computing power

The participants in NGK ecological construction still have fresh memories for the Defi exclusive token, BGV launched last month, which has soared by about 1,700 times. At present, taking advantage of the skyrocketing trend of Bitcoin, the NGK officially announced that in the New Year of 2021, a new high-fold currency project, SPC side chain tokens will be launched, with multiple rounds of SPC sidechain token airdrops within this month. The last round of SPC sidechain token airdrops was a week ago, while the next round will be issued on January 21, 2021. The distribution rules will still be based on the weighted distribution of the NGK account computing power, so we hereby recommend that ecological builders hold more NGK computing power and NGK accounts, because the NGK’s unique multi-account system allows one person to open more accounts this time, which is very rare in the market. Now that the price of SPC sidechain tokens is going an upward trend, I believe that its high position has been basically confirmed.

SPC computing power

NGK, as the issuer of SPC sidechain tokens, has senior executives who have years of experience in many large companies. Each project of NGK has undergone multiple third-party inspections, the supervision is in place, and there is no insider trading; the NGK’s technology development is the Spirit Stone team with many years of experience in the blockchain industry. The members are graduated from Ivy League schools, and they are absolutely reliable.

The SPC sidechain token, also known as the SPC computing power reward token, is a kind of NGK computing power token and an official reward for the early NGK computing power holders; It accelerates the decentralization and liquidity of the NGK computing power and enriches the NGK ecosystem. This SPC computing power reward token receives feedback from the NGK ecology, the price continues to rise, and the two complement each other; It is also paving the way for future computing power plans. The NGK has always focused on its ecological builders to promote the rapid and sound development of the computing power market. It is committed to achieving the closed loop of the NGK ecology, laying a good foundation for the NGK ecology. Thus, SPC is the future of NGK. The most important part of the ecology has always been the focus of ecological builders. In the future, SPC will lead NGK to become a unicorn in the blockchain world!

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