Summary at the end of 2020: the future of BGV development can be expected

As one of the biggest investment trends in the cryptocurrency field in 2020, DeFi has also attracted more market attention.

Liquidity mining is an important diversion of the DeFi market and it provides considerable benefits for ecological builders. Therefore, DeFi has become a financial product. According to relevant data, the total lock-up value of the current DeFi market has reached 16.9 billion US dollars, accounting for 2.53% of the total global market value. From the disk analysis, the total lock-up value of DeFi will continue to rise in the future.

BGV coins

As a “growth” token in the DeFi market, BGV is undoubtedly the most promising and powerful token, and at the same time, it will also bring huge investment returns to ecological builders. The current price of BGV has reached 405.65 US dollars, and the return on investment is as high as 81030%. The initial price of BGV is only 0.5 US dollars, and the construction of an ecological builder holds ten BGVs, then the BGV currently held in its hands will bring a gain of 4051.5 US dollars.

In addition to the high return on investment, BGV has also attracted the attention of many ecological builders. BGV has strong anti-fork ability, which is different from other DeFi concept tokens. It will not be forked, making this has making it very valuable.

BGV coins

The total issuance of BGV is only 60,000, of which 10,000 are airdropped. BGV has no reservations, no pre-mining, and no team. All BGVs will be fairly distributed to the ecological builders participating in Baccarat. In order to prevent the excessive concentration of BGVs caused by large holdings, the release of BGVs is currently slowing down. The current maximum release of 277 tokens per day. This improves the dispersion of BGV and also extends the operating cycle of Baccarat.

And, it is worth mentioning that BGV is currently online to the A network. Ecological builders can mine through the A network. In the future, BGV will launch more internationally renowned exchanges to develop the depth of the secondary market and increase the value of tokens.

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