The future of the blockchain — NGK tokens application scenarios

The launch of NGK, living up to expectations, will become the front-runner in 3.0 blockchain field in the future. The public may expect more application scenarios for NGK, rich scenarios mean value mining and embodiment, the promotion of intrinsic value will stimulate the vitality of the market, and attract more people outside the circle to come in, experience the magic of the blockchain field, so as to achieve NGK original intention of promoting the popularity of the blockchain field.

NGK blockchain

What aspects are involved in NGK application scenarios? Here’s the introduction

Financial payment

With blockchain technology, NGK.IO will create a world-class, non-convertible, globally free-traded digital payment system covering manufacturing enterprises, international trade, the Internet of things, health care, financing investment, stock exchanges and other areas, achieve more efficient and convenient cross-industry, cross-border payment mechanism, significantly reduce payment costs, improve transaction efficiency, so that become the payment infrastructure of the digital money era, and even completely change the current payment system.

NGK, blockchain

Financial derivatives exchanges

NGK.IO financial derivatives exchanges circulate NGK/USDN tokens, in the future it will also support more chain issuance of financial derivatives, through the original exchange network, and the docking exchange API, to provide users with simple, convenient and safe exchange and trading services. NGK.IO also introduces a series of derivative incentive mechanisms, through individual users or group collective behavior, to make a sustained contribution to the financial ecology to obtain a certain proportion of NGK tokens.

NGK.IO provides users with the best market price and simple operation experience through the docking exchange API — NGK.IO presents the user with a simple buying price and selling price with the optimization of screening mechanism, while the user only needs to input the quantity to complete the transaction of financial derivatives as conveniently as in the traditional platform.

NGK, blockchain

Community cultural promotion

With regard to the community, the NGK has specifically set up community development funds, and every member of the community who promotes NGK.IO globally will receive their own token incentives. NGK take the technology as the foundation, carries the ecology to incubate the community, the community forms the feedback NGK assists the development ecology. Ecology and community go hand in hand to construct NGK self-consistent economic development system.

Financial incubation project

NGK can also be used to incubate projects within the financial sector and provide seed funds to expand R & D teams for designated projects. Financial eco-incubation projects will flourish with the support of NGK holders.

The world is ever-changing, and the requirements are also constantly iteratively updated. But the logic behind it is invariable, anyway, the application scenario is an important reference factor. NGK creates a brand-new digital money application market, only by understanding these major application scenarios, can we really recognize the importance of NGK!

NGK blockchain