The golden triangle of NGK public chain ecology: data, algorithms and traffic

Major countries around the world are accelerating the development of blockchain technology. As an infrastructure, blockchain has brought tremendous changes to all walks of life. For example, decentralized distributed storage brings openness and transparency, allowing data to directly generate value; the non-tampering and traceability of information brings security and authenticity, and makes people more trustworthy.

NGK public chain

In this form, the public chain, as the most important infrastructure of the blockchain, shoulders the burden of the rapid growth of the blockchain industry. As a platform, in addition to the hard technology of the blockchain itself, the ecological construction on the chain is also a very important link. A good ecology can greatly enhance the commercial value of the blockchain. As a leader in the open source blockchain, NGK has been steadily advancing the ecological construction on the chain and building a golden triangle of ecological explosion.

NGK Golden Triangle: Data

Data is the most important raw material for the generation of artificial intelligence. Whoever has more and better data can gain the upper hand in the competition in the big data industry. Difficulties such as privacy protection, inability to confirm rights, and data islands have been hindering the advancement of the big data industry. The NGK team, which originated in the Silicon Valley of the United States, is keenly aware of business opportunities and challenges in the data industry. They plan to use distributed storage and the latest encryption technology to solve these problems and truly give data value. At the same time, making data an asset will provide a steady stream of raw materials for the development of artificial intelligence.

NGK Golden Triangle: DPOSS algorithm

Data cannot directly provide services to users. All applications are based on algorithms and models trained through data. NGK truly endows digital assets with higher value through the DPOSS consensus algorithm. The ultra-high performance improved by the consensus algorithm turns data assets into various models that can serve users and improve efficiency. The DPOSS algorithm makes the NGK public chain ecology a true value chain network.

NGK public chain

NGK Golden Triangle: Flow

With data assets, there are also ways to increase the value of assets, but this is far from enough. Even high-quality assets also need good liquidity support. For the NGK public chain ecology, traffic is the most important liquidity of this ecology. First, it can bring more data to more users; second, more users can use it to make DPOSS algorithms and applications have real value.

NGK empowers the physical industry and gives NGK token circulation value. The physical industry in turn brings more user traffic to NGK. The wider the NGK application scenario, the greater the user traffic. At the same time, based on NGK’s online exchange, more users will be attracted. Based on these huge users, it will bring unlimited vitality and development space to the NGK ecosystem.

NGK public chain

Ecological construction is a multi-dimensional business problem. Only with a three-dimensional ecology like NGK’s Golden Triangle, supported by data and traffic, can public chain projects have long-term development and the blockchain industry can usher in an infinitely possible tomorrow.

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