The grand opening of 2021 NGK NYE Gala

According to Bloomberg, the NGK successfully held the NGK NYE party at 22:30 on December 31st, California time in San Francisco, USA, and the event was broadcast live on the official website simultaneously. This NYE party was jointly organized by the NGK and UICI as a gesture to thank the global users who have always supported NGK. According to a Bloomberg’s reporter, the NYE was very grand and lively. Every invited guest has participated in the carnival. There were also jazz performances, dance floor, DJ, and many other wonderful performances which brought a visual feast to the guests and fans around the world who watched the NGK NYE party.

2021 NGK NYE Gala

The event was attended by many guests. Among them, they are senior executives of UICI, core members of the NGK Spirit Stone team, NGK global nodes, blockchain experts, and investment bank executives. At the same time, the CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg, Washington Post and other mainstream media also reported the grand occasion in real time.

At the beginning of the party, Ms. HANNAH WHITE, the chief financial officer of UICI, delivered a speech. She said that 2020 is an extraordinary year and the most meaningful year for NGK. In this year, NGK has launched its blockchain, Baccarat, Calling Hippo, BGV token, etc., and has held dozens of roadshows around the world. Next, in 2021, the NGK will continue to lay out the ecological field, create digital finance, and promote the digital economic development of the ecological industry.

2021 NGK NYE Gala

HANNAH WHITE stated that 2021 will be a better year and a year for NGK to develop faster. She wished that in 2021, the NGK could become a top blockchain and promote the development of the blockchain industry.

After the speech of HANNAH WHITE, the party was slowly beginning with the performance of jazz and then the DJ led the entire party to the climax, everyone was enjoying and having fun.

2021 NGK NYE Gala

In addition, there was an interview session where the guests patiently answered every question from the reporter and provided detailed explanation. The answers given by the NGK guests enabled every ecological builder participating in the NGK to have a comprehensive understanding of NGK and follow the pace of NGK step by step in 2021.

After the party was over, everyone still refused to leave, and many guests sent their blessings to NGK. Everyone expressed their anticipation and optimism to the future of NGK. They hope that NGK can continue to innovate its technology in 2021, strive to expand the market, and allow more users in the blockchain market to participate. At the same time, they also wish NGK to become more dazzling and brilliant in 2021.

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