The memory has increased by 30 times after the launch of NGK mainnet. Is NGK RAM worth buying?

3 min readNov 17, 2020

At 10 am on October 14th, California time, the NGK mainnet was officially launched. Due to the positive market expectations, NGK ushered in a big rise after the launched. NGK token price has risen 10 times, and the memory price has risen 30 times. NGK has been launched for five days now, it has risen for five consecutive days, and it is still in an upward pattern. The price of NGK will continue to rise in the future.

Looking at the NGK blockchain APP, the RAM of NGK is 821Bytes/3.73KB, the CPU is 229.56ms, and the bandwidth is 117.46KB. There are still many investors who are optimistic about NGK in the market, so the above data will perform very well for a long time in the future.

What is NGK RAM?

It is necessary to explain what is NGK RAM to those who do not know. The RAM we are talking about is not an encrypted token, but a memory data resource on the NGK.IO mainnet. It exists as a basic resource that supports the operation of DAPP and is indispensable for DAPP developers on the NGK.IO mainnet. You can simply understand that the RAM means memory, while the NGK RAM means NGK memory.

How to buy and sell NGK RAM?

The transaction of RAM is a mortgage of NGK to the account system, rather than a direct transactions between the buyers and sellers. Whether it is buying RAM (i.e. mortgage NGK, acquire RAM) or sell RAM (i.e. retrieve mortgaged NGK, release RAM), it is an interaction between the participants and the account system. This process only charges a low fee.

When you buy RAM, you must enter the amount of NGK in the purchase quantity;

When you sell RAM, you must enter the amount of memory (KB) in the selling quantity.

As of October 20, 2020, the memory price of NGK RAM is 0.0098 NGK/KB.

What determines the price of NGK RAM?

The price of RAM is determined by the relationship between supply and demand. If NGK RAM is in short supply, you will need more NGK when buying RAM. At the same time, selling RAM can also get more NGK.

How does NGK implement the restrictions on memory usage?

RAM is like buying a house and investing. People who need a house could not afford a house, but those who do not need another house have several units in their hands. If the price of RAM remains high, it will increase the development and the operating costs of DAPP, and terminate many high-quality DAPP projects, which affects the entire NGK ecosystem.

Therefore, the NGK project team has set the corresponding code in the database management, which can easily reject those accounts that try to use more memory. The database of NGK can track each account. Any transaction attempting to exceed the RAM allocated by NGK in the account will be rejected.

A certain amount of NGK must be pledged for using the memory of DAPP developer accounts to run the related smart contracts. If the NGK is insufficient, will reject the DAPP account that takes up memory transactions.

Is NGK RAM worth buying?

From the current point of view, NGK’s memory price has increased by 30 times in just five days, and it has great future prospect. At present, there are many investors who are optimistic about NGK RAM boosted the rise of RAM. In addition, NGK has just launched, and there is still a lot of room for growth. Hence, you can consider to buy and invest in it.