The new SPC airdrop has arrived at the bull market

A few days after the 2021 NYE, Bitcoin started its bull market journey. The Bitcoin rose to US$34,000, leading many tokens to skyrocket, and the arriving of bull market.

Although Bitcoin has led a wave of adjustments to mainstream tokens since yesterday, a market that only rises but does not fall is an unhealthy market. Bitcoin is fixing the gap last week. After the adjustment, it will inevitably perform again. If Bitcoin is a feast for institutions, then the SPC token airdrop is the carnival for NGK ecological builders.

SPC airdrop

According to the latest news, the SPC sidechain tokens have recently launched on the NGK wallet. The NGK officially issued 2 million airdrop candies to reward the NGK computing power holders. The total issuance of SPC sidechain tokens may exceed 100 million. It is believed that the initial price of the second SPC sidechain token will be lower than the BGV token price. The total number of 2 million will allow more public ecological construction participants to access this SPC project. Given that the Bitcoin’s US$ 34,000 has driven the entire market into a bull market, the SPC sidechain tokens are likely to replicate or even surpass the booming record of BGV!

The popularity of NGK-related projects is indispensable from the airdrop. Remember the previous airdrop of BGV token?

SPC airdrop

In early December, NGK announced the issuance of the first round of BGV Defi airdrops. All tokens issued in the bull market have skyrocketed. When the BGV token went online on the world’s leading exchanges, the opening skyrocketed 25 times, reaching a maximum of about US$889, an increase of more than 1,700 times. A significant person revealed that he had received about hundreds of BGV tokens through multiple wallet addresses, at the price of US$888.88 after the asset went online as shown by the world’s leading mainstream exchanges. With that, he had received hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Yes, you’re right, by relying on airdrop, the project party can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars at zero cost.

However, in the last BGV airdrop, some users received mobile phone, someone received a car or even a house. So, what did you get? Although we can’t go back in time, the opportunity is given to you again!

SPC airdrop

The second round of NGK airdrops is here again. In the previous article, we have mentioned that SPC sidechain tokens have recently launched in the NGK wallet. According to the latest official news, the maximum circulation of SPC side chain tokens is 100 million, which is nearly 1,700 times that of BGV. Therefore, the number of SPC airdrops is more, with total 2 million units, and the number of airdrops accounts for one-fifth of the total supply.

Lastly, the price of SPC tokens listed in the bull market will be soaring for sure. The opportunity has come. Are you ready?

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