The NGK.IO Blockchain has five major advantages to build a social business ecosystem

Socializing is the basic attribution of human beings. Since the existence of human, the social activities have never stopped. Thus, social interaction is the foundation for the construction of human civilization. In order to survive and develop, people collaborate, produce, and exchange with each other.

The cooperation and consensus are the most important components in the growth of human civilization. But today, the social relationship composed by many centralized institutions and enterprises has exposed many serious problems.

NGK.IO is a high-performance blockchain that focuses on the personal information and data security. This feature can stimulate people’s creativity. Thus, they can give full play to their imagination in the community, create countless practical DAPPs, and infinite social ecology.

The five advantages of NGK Blockchain strongly support the social business ecosystem.

NGK.IO Blockchain

一、Perfect and safe technical competition as the barriers to provide privacy protection to the users

The social model of NGK is developed based on the underlying NGK.IO Blockchain which is secure, transparent and non-tamperable. NGK Social focuses on the privacy of users and protects the user data through a variety of underlying technologies to ensure the privacy and security of chat information.

Furthermore, the real-time communication of NGK is fast, safe and free, and it can send unlimited messages, photos, videos or any type of documents.

二、A reliable content output and management mechanism provided by an experienced development team

The social team members of NGK are coming from the Internet finance, cryptocurrency developers and investors, and the core technical team members are from many international Internet companies such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. They have advanced capabilities of blockchain technology and Internet product development to implement the platform’s reliable content output and management.

NGK.IO Blockchain

三、Long-term development

The NGK.IO project has a complete strategic deployment from the very beginning and every time when node is interlocked. This comes from the vision of a team with a three-year social platform. When the entire ecosystem is established, the currency price of NGK is stable, and the various ecosystems relying on the NGK.IO Blockchain will become more abundant, making the acceptance value of NGK to appear, and the transfer and payment of NGK.IO will be more convenience. This has greatly promoted the expansion of NGK’s social networking.

四、Implementation of diversified blockchain commercial applications

The commercial application of NGK Blockchain has been implemented. The project focuses on the docking of diversified commercial and blockchain. Its strong and diversified scalability support the transaction of digital assets. It has many built-in functions, an independent digital wallet and the DAPP store, Thus, it is compatible with a variety of blockchain applications.

NGK Social currently supports the social payments such as the red envelopes and transfers. In the future, the C2C payment function will be extended to the NGK.IO ecosystem. The users can subscribe to the news by using the NGK in NGK.IO’s digital wallet. They can comment on the content, like, or contact the writer directly. This allows them to give and exchange feedback, access to the videos, music and other copyrighted content of the NGK.IO. On the one hand, the users can use the NGK to purchase members, subscribe and obtain paid content. The users can also obtain additional tokens through the mining of online market.

NGK.IO Blockchain

五、Supported by international market brand

NGK Social is the Top 10 encrypted social application in the United States. It is open and anti-censorship. The application is fast, simple, safe and forever free without commercial advertising and additional subscription fees. It supports the point-to-point payment, transfer, and the red envelopes transfer of mainstream tokens such as the BTC and ETH. It uses the blockchain technology to make Internet socializing easier and fun.

NGK.IO will build a new business ecosystem on a global scale. People can participate in this revolutionary ecosystem freely. It inspires many developers around the world to join the NGK.IO ecosystem because it provides absolute freedom. The developers will create countless practical smart applications in the ecology of NGK.IO, leading people into a new era of blockchain technology applications.



NGK blockchain

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