The promising future of USDN stablecoin

Since 2020, the trading of stablecoin is approximately US$508 billion. In recent months, the transactions of stablecoin often account for more than 40% of the total daily settlement of Bitcoin and Ethereum. If stablecoin continues to compete with these high-profile cryptocurrencies at this level, this could lead to a major change in the industry.

The emergence of stablecoin is welcomed mainly because it can meet the various needs of the market. When the mainstream cryptocurrency plummets, the investors will need to convert their tokens into the stablecoins to reduce their losses. This has satisfied the hedging needs of the investors. Secondly, the stablecoin and other cryptocurrencies as trading pairs can clearly reflect the market price of cryptocurrencies. The stablecoin can become a measure of value to a certain extent, which satisfies the market demand for transactions. More importantly, the current stablecoin acts as a bridge between the cryptocurrency market and the real world. Thus, stablecoin will become more important in the future.

USDN stablecoin

USDN is an algorithmic stablecoin that relies on the algorithms to achieve the stability of price. The USDN is extremely transparent and compliance. Its issuance used the encrypted asset algorithmic and passed the SEC review from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC is a well-known professional and rigorous regulatory agency. It is one of the highest-level of regulatory agencies in the token industry. Issuing stablecoin under its supervision has made USDN to have the core competitiveness.

USDN anchors the value of the U.S. dollar. It acts as a bridge between the blockchain world and the transfer of traditional assets, and the implementation of digital asset transactions, payment and other applications. At the same time, it serves as the cornerstone of DeFi Lego, and a value measurement, transmission, and storage which provides great motivation.

USDN stablecoin

The specific applications of USDN are as follows:

Risk hedging: for the ordinary holder, USDN can be used as a safe hedging tool for legal currency. In this case, one can exchange the token to USDN when the market fluctuates, and then buy it back when the price is right to reduce losses. This risk hedging is especially effective in countries with economic turmoil.

Financial management: to avoid buying and selling the fiat currency frequently, one can hold the USDN and enter when the market is good. During this period, one can deposit it on the platform for financial management and earn interest.

USDN stablecoin

Payment and settlement: USDN made payments quickly, and it also has low fluctuations and high security during the purchases and actual transactions. It is a good option of foreign exchange transactions for many companies and workers who need foreign exchange.

In addition, it can also be used in the lending market, arbitrage, short-term fund lending, etc.

Explore the services of USDN in the lending market, leveraged future market, spot trading, etc. and continue to expand the use of USDN. Establish the cooperation with the various fields of token’s payment, custody, clearing and settlement. In addition, USDN will vigorously expand in the future especially in the field of DeFi. We believe that USDN is the most compliant bridge that links the world of legal currency and token. Thus, we firmly believe that it can serve far more than that.

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