The Significance of USDN to NGK Blockchain

In the world of blockchain, a stablecoin is issued on a blockchain, which we call the host chain. The omni version of USDT, for example, is based on bitcoin, and bitcoin becomes the host chain of USDT; USDN it is based on NGK blockchain, it becomes the host chain of USDN. So what is the significance of USDN to NGK blockchain?


First of all, we need to know that the current encrypted digital currency access is seriously restricted. The emergence of USDN is to open up the access to encrypted digital currency, so that users can use other digital currencies to buy USDN encrypted digital currency. This is the greatest significance of USDN to the NGK host chain, enriching and perfecting the whole ecology.

Secondly, the USDN transfer needs to use the host currency NGK, although the transfer on the blockchain does not require a handling fee, it will consume a certain NET, CPU. NET and CPU users can only get it by mortgage NGK, so USDN let NGK find a very good application scenario and make NGK more valuable.

Moreover, stablecoin wallet is the main coin wallet, USDN wallet is conducive to the great popularization and promotion of NGK APP installation and application.


Besides, USDN is the necessary basis for the operation of NGK exchanges. Now the blockchain token function has become the standard configuration, there will be exchanges with tokens. Now both ETH、EOS and wave fields have their own exchanges, and NGK exchanges are about to be launched. With an exchange, it is convenient to NGK transactions between various tokens and NGK tokens in the chain. Typically, the base currency of such exchanges is the host currency, such as the EOS, the base currency of the EOS decentralized exchange. But the host currency is often volatile. NGK stablecoin USDN, however, set the USDN as the base currency, which is also conducive to the promotion and operation of the NGK exchange.

Finally, we all know that stablecoins are the best way for any blockchain to extend itself to the general public. The low volatility attribute is too important to accept the French dollar for hundreds of years of thinking. And the stablecoin is the legal currency on the blockchain. Put on the NGK blockchain is to accept the stablecoin USDN, and thus automatically accept the host chain NGK.



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