The SPC airdrop arrived with 23% monthly income, the NGK computing power rise together!

The most interesting part of the crypto industry is that it can be associated with many different knowledge industries: mathematics, cryptography, computer science, gaming theory, economics, finance, physics, sociology, politics, etc. The right timing is also one of the key factors.

SPC airdrop

Many people bought BGV tokens following the trend, they never thought they could earn 3 more years of salary with that. Some people were interested in the technological innovation due to sci-fi dramas, and willing to make value investments for the lower level blockchain technology of BGV tokens. Of course, this is a story. Almost a month has passed since the airdrop of BGV tokens. Some people earned a car, and some people earned a mobile phone.

Just two days ago, NGK officially launched a new wave of airdrops, namely the SPC sidechain token airdrops. Compared with the airdrop of 10,000 BGV tokens, the SPC sidechain token airdrops have a full 2 million candy, enough for every NGK ecological builder to receive. I heard about the airdrop of SPC sidechain tokens and obtained 100 computing power. According to the official news, 1 computing power equal to 0.36SPC, and I have received 36SPC, and it was credited to my NGK account on the 12th January.

SPC airdrop

The current price of SPC on the market is about US$1.55. This means that I have earned US$55.8 as easy as pick up the money, while the computing power can continue to receive the NGK reward activities.

The airdrop of US$55.8 I received is still relatively small. I heard that some big names in the community have received four or five digits of SPC sidechain token airdrop candies. After all, the airdrop has 2 million SPC tokens, with a unit price of US$1.55. The total value of this airdrop is as high as US$3.1 million. The total issuance of SPC sidechain tokens is 100 million, which means that the overall market value of SPC is now as high as US$3.1 million*50 = US$155 million. It is important to note that trading SPC currently requires over-the-counter trading. The actual data of the current airdrop is 0.363. This means that 363 tokens can be obtained with 1000 computing power. This shows that the computing power of the entire network has increased slightly than the official estimation. With subsequent rewards for NGK computing power holders becoming more frequent, I believe that the computing power of the entire network will continue to rise. We expect the NGK officials to airdrop to the market at such a ratio for a long time, for example once a week. Hence, we can conclude that each computing power holder can obtain a monthly income of 5.7% multiplied by 4=22.8%. That’s really a considerable amount! If the price of SPC in the secondary market continues to rise, the benefits are even more inestimable. Rising to tens of dollars per SPC sidechain token is not a problem.

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