The VAST airdrop strikes when Bitcoin is soaring!

Yesterday Tesla announced that it had invested US$1.5 billion in Bitcoin. As soon as the news came out, the crypto industry went wild, and Bitcoin rose instantly, breaking through the US$40,000 mark, and the current price is US$46,000! Soaring 20%, another record high!

In addition, BGV, as the most popular NGK project, is constantly setting new highs in history. The data shows that BGV has recently entered a rising wave, with a return on investment of more than 370 times. Many evaluation agencies analyzed that this is mainly due to the announcement of the VAST airdrop, a sub-coin of the SPC, on the NGK official website yesterday!

VAST airdrop

VAST is a sub-coin of star token, SPC. Due to the scarcity of total issuance and the cumbersome exchange procedures, its long-term value is favored by many investors.

The NGK’s official website states that newly registered NGK members from February 8th to March 8th, will receive a free airdrop of 0.2VAST/valid account (limited to the purchase of computing power through official channel)!

The official website shows that this event has just started in the past two days, which is the best time to start for users who have been on the sidelines for a long time. With that, we can see that the NGK team has been creating products that are beneficial to customers. It attracted a wave of fans before it went online and started airdrops.

VAST airdrop

The projects launched by the NGK team support multiple languages. This shows that the customer base targeted by the team is huge, and the team wants to attract more customers, so that consensus will be more achievable.

The impact of consensus on a blockchain project is very significant, as we can see from the BGV tokens previously launched by NGK. Prior to this, the Baccarat project launched by NGK had completed an airdrop of 10,000 BGV tokens. At that time, users who received the airdrop knew that BGV rose to thousands, and the airdropped tokens were sold and then earned immediately. As NGK’s ecological development is improving, the consensus is getting higher, as well as the value of the tokens. Thus, this airdrop of VAST tokens is almost equivalent to making money while you sleep. Moreover, VAST will be launched on the decentralized exchange immediately after the airdrop event is over. If you see this type of event, you must not miss it. After all, the VAST consensus is here.

VAST airdrop

Look at BGV, the total amount is 60,000 units, and the price reaches more than two thousand yuan. According to this ratio, for the total amount of 100,000 VAST, the price is not very high. In the big bull market, the total amount is probably more than 3,000 yuan. This shows that the profit margin ahead is still large. With this price and huge airdrop value, you must actively participate when you see it. This type of event is rare. It is a golden opportunity to get rich.



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