Understand the digital layout of NGK Global in one article

The blockchain technology is considered as a disruptive technology that promotes the social progress. Many fields and industries are exploring and using the blockchain technology to improve the efficiency and optimize their business models.

With the increasing attention of token and blockchain technology in recent years, many industries have begun to use the blockchain technology to empower their businesses.

NGK public chain

The blockchain is a great technology that promotes the global, historical, and revolutionary from the “Internet of Information” to the “Internet of Value”. It is leading a new change to the global technology and industry and has become a medium for the innovation of global technology.

The NGK Global blockchain uses the power of blockchain to reconstruct the traditional business and build a new digital business empire, leading the changes of technology and industry. It is believed that soon it will introduce new blood to the blockchain application services.

The development team announced the specific launch plan of NGK Global just a few days ago. In October this year, it will officially make its global debut. As the world’s leading commercial blockchain, the NGK Global encompasses the eight ecological sectors.

NGK public chain

They are the real estate, entertainment, finance, winery, renewable energy, digital economy, biotechnology and sports.

The NGK Global can minimize the operation and maintenance labor costs and provide a trusted operating environment for various DAPP. This makes it to be simple and convenient to operate. It makes full use of the processing capabilities of various devices. It stores and processes the privacy on site and the redundant data.

It reduces the usage of network bandwidth, improves the system real-time performance and availability, and meets the needs of industry digitization in the agile connection, real-time business, data optimization, application intelligence, security and privacy.

With these advantages, the NGK Global has formed at least the following four applicable application scenarios:

1、Computing power mining

The digital platform of NGK Global is a highly self-characteristic computing power platform. It is more distributed, decentralized, and cheaper as the only means to obtain the platform’s native token NGK.

2、DAPP development

The NGK Global includes a three-tier architecture of protocol layer, plug-in layer and application layer. It supports C++ and JS dual contract engine, which can meet the needs of industry digitalization in the agile connection, real-time business, data optimization, intelligent application, security and privacy protection.

3、Distributed business storage

The storage needs of various applications in the Internet era, including the data status generated by the data layer of the blockchain application DAPP, are stored in the NGK Global network. The client’s block data includes the version and fingerprint information of the DAPP, and the data status is synchronized to the local through the network.

4、Internet of Things (IoT) cloud

The 5G+AloT (i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) is the next generation of the super Internet. Everything will be connected intelligently, and greatly surpass the field of cloud computing. 5G has extremely broad prospects in the field of the Internet of Things, such as the smart home, car networking, unmanned driving, smart cities, smart medical care, and smart rural areas.

NGK public chain

In the era of digital economy, the 5G, Internet of Things, AI and blockchain will become the new accelerators. The blockchain technology is the core technology for building the Internet of Value. This is the new opportunities for the NGK Global’s ecological layout.

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